Raven Of The Teen Titans…In A Solo TV Series?

She's so Raven...

Well, I guess you could have filed this under “TV series least likely to happen”, but it appears that Raven (of Teen Titans fame) is being developed into a live action TV series on The CW.  Looks like this is the latest effort in the attempt to replace Smallville, which is on it’s last season.  Of all the available characters in DCs stable, they’re choosing this C-lister — quite a gamble if you ask me.  Raven, most recently seen on Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans yelling “azarath metrion zinthos” every few minutes has big shoes to fill if she’s going to take over for Clark Kent.  Surely, there are other characters they could be adapting to the small screen…aren’t there?

Source: Variety

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  • raven happens to be my fav character of the titans
    but i dont know about solo. . . . .