Sony Bravia TV With Built In PS2

Richer Sounds, one of the UK’s leading electronics stores, has announced they are selling a 22 inch Sony Bravia HD TV with a built in PlayStation 2. This is a first of it’s kind to be widely distributed to consumers and although it is not one of the next-gen consoles, the £200 ($300) price tag seems pretty reasonable to say the least.

The television itself sits on top of the built in PS2 and albeit it doesn’t look wonderfully crafted, it is still an impressive feat by Sony.

The TV/Console combination boasts 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and 2 Ethernet connections so you can hook your new TV up to the Internet and use BRAVIA’s Internet Video Access, which allows you to watch many videos on websites such as YouTube.

A source from says;

Sony’s set looks to be available only in the U.K. for now. A company spokesperson said that Sony has no “plans to bring anything like the [KDL-22PX300] to market [in the U.S.]”

The TV itself is nothing special and no more impressive than another 22 inch in Sony’s Bravia range, but the built in PlayStation 2 may well open the market for the current or maybe future consoles to do the same. Richer Sounds certainly feel this combination will be a big-seller and if it was done with today’s more impressive consoles imagine the impact that would create?

Still only time will tell…

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