Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun Review (DS)

Game Review: Vampire Moon
Release: 10/9/2010
Genre: Search/Find
Developer: City Interactive
Available Platforms: Nintendo DS
Players: 1
MSRP: $20
ESRB Rating: E
Website: Vampire Moon

You play as Emily Davis a reporter sent to find out the weird happenings in Transylvania that recently has been experiencing an extended Solar Eclipse. Disappearance of many different people from the town also coincide with the extended eclipse. Uncovering the mystery of this little town there are also clues the lead you to the treat of unlocking the tale of Dracula. Grab your stylus ready yourself for an adventure you won’t soon forget. Right from the start of the game you are thrown into the puzzles and searching for clues to solve the mystery when your contact doesn’t show up.

Using your stylus your main objective is to find clues dispersed thought the beautiful art filled backgrounds. Each level offers a new challenge as they do become progressively harder as you are pushed farther into the adventure. Emily must find more clues each one delves her deeper into the mystery of the disappearing people but also leads her closer to answers or so she hopes. Levels that find you searching for different items are broken up with puzzles and stories at times. Vampire Moon had the levels mixed enough that you were not always stuck on one thing.

Vampire Moon also has an original feature that lets you unlock different achievements for completing tasks in game. Red jewels strategically placed give users a bump in score well the green ones give more hints. Each level has about 2o different items to find that really have no meaning to the current story. Breaking up the game you are also at certain times transported back a few weeks before the trip. Quick play is also a mode offered that you can play previously levels that you have already beat.

Vampire Moons story won’t win any awards for the game but you do find yourself beginning to enjoy it more as it unfolds. Questions left unanswered make you wonder what is going on and why things are happening. Each new character you are introduced to adds in another layer of mystique and eeriness. Can you solve the mystery before time runs out or will you just become another disappearance. One other feature that made the game enjoyable was the ability for a quick game play mode that allowed you to replay different scenes from the story mode over again.

When searching for certain items they would blend into the background so well they became impossible to find. Trying to find a gray nail on a gray fence led to many times having to use the hint button just to point you in the right direction. Even then sometimes finding the hidden item could be a challenge it would have been nice to see a little more contrast in colors. Puzzles also meshed together often times 2 or 3 levels in you would be finding the same items on a different board. Vampire Moon had no soundtrack to speak of it felt like this was one area that was not worked on more. Game sounds were also few and far between it would be nice to get something other then just a clink when finding the items you need.

Vampire Moon won’t win any awards for originality but is sure to hold your interest for short spans of time. If you enjoy other search/find type games then this one will feel very natural when added to your collection. Priced at 20 dollars it wont break the bank but also is not a steal if faced with other choices. Vampire Moon would be a good choice at the price if you love the search/find type games or if you can’t find anything else interesting to pick up.

  • Awards were a nice addition to a DS game
  • Easy for pick up and play gaming
  • Not much setting it apart from other search/find games
  • Music could have been better
  • These vampires don’t sparkle (Sorry Had to)

Vampire Moon does have a few flaws but is worth a play through if you are a fan of the search/find type games. Vampire Moon also has  a great story to keep the game interesting for a final score it deserves an 8 out of 10.

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