Know What Rock Band DLC Songs To Buy: .38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hold On Loosely

Guitar: Guitar is very simple at the beginning. The guitar then gets more complex and is always very present and loud throughout the song which gives you the feel that the notes you are playing on screen are causing a large impact on how the song is heard. The song then goes into a nice solo a little farther than half-way through the song and the solo is very fun to play on expert. There are plenty of challenging scales as well as some challenging hammer-ons.

Bass: The bass is not very present throughout the beginning of the song but slowly becomes more present and by the end of the song you will be doing some slow scale notes and are offered very little challenge.

Drums: The drums are fun to play and have a slightly fast pace to them. They have the common yellow notes then red and yellow in it but the song still mixes the notes up, including the drum pedal hits. The song has some fast note hits on red and has a good mixture of each note. If you are used to playing drums on expert this song will probably be no problem for you to get past.

Pro Keys: The pro keys on expert are great to play but at times I did find them challenging just because of the mixture of notes. The keys are not present through a good amount of the song but when they are you will enjoy playing especially with decent amount of scales throughout the song.

Sweet Home Alabama (Live):

Guitar: A decent challenge on expert, you might end up focusing on how you are playing and completely tune out of the song. The song has scales and constant switching between green and orange throughout but things don’t get really hard until you reach the 3rd guitar solo. At that point the song earns the nightmare difficulty that Rock Band has given it for guitar.

Bass: The bass has many boring and slow parts but those are mixed in with fast hammer-on scale notes throughout. The song does offer a challenge from time to time but for the most part the bass is dull.

Drums: The drums are a little boring and repetitive at times but it is still fun to play and the notes do change but they are the same for probably a minute at a time and then they will change into another note set. The drums do offer a challenge on expert but should be easily beaten.

Pro Keys: The pro keys are hard enough that I had to step down to medium. The keys are up there with the hardest of the game and the keys are as important and present in the song as the guitar. This is a great song for anyone looking for a challenge on keys.

Overall: These are both great songs. They are great to play for practically every instrument and the songs are great to listen too as well. Even though Sweet Home Alabama is a live version you may have a hard time telling. It is hard to choose between the two which is better but I would have to say that Hold On Loosely is probably my preferred favorite, either way these are both two great songs that anyone who likes the songs should get.

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