PlayStation Phone ‘Zeus Z1’ Caught On Video

The highly anticipated PlayStation Phone or, as it is now being code named; Zeus Z1, has now had video footage released via Engadget.

As some of you may or may not know, there have been many rumours flying around about the so-called ‘PlayStation Phone’ and apart from a photo or two, nothing really convincing has proven to us that this is no more than a hoax. But now, with this video, it is fair to say that the PlayStation Phone is definitely on it’s way soon.

The soundless video, shows us the Zeus Z1 looking pretty much like a PSP but with touch screen facilities and a cell phone interface. When it slides open, it reveals again much similar controls to the PSP, with a D-Pad and the four PlayStation buttons, plus a touch sensitive centre panel and shoulder buttons.

Also on the video, we see that the phone will be running an Android operating system, which obviously comes as no surprise as the phone provider will be none other than Sony Ericsson. But of course the key point to a PlayStation phone will be the gaming factor, and again on the video we do see a little icon which titles “PlayStation”, leading us to believe that this phone will indeed incorporate some method of gaming.

Again, we can only speculate at the moment as the video hasn’t really shown us full features of the Zeus Z1, but needless to say it will be a big surprise to all when we see what this phone really has to offer.

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