Gaming Confessions: Secret of Monkey Island

This confession is really embarrassing; I have never completed any of the Monkey Islands games. Until recently I had what I thought was a valid excuse in as much as that it was released in the early 1990’s before I really had any input into what games were brought into my house (I was 5 or 6 at the time) Also as I have mentioned in a previous confession I missed years of PC games as we only had a Mac and that was strictly for work. However there has been a resurrection of sorts with the Monkey Island series recently so this isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

Being a later older and with my own disposable income I decided to buy the remake from the XBLA. I played it for a while and enjoyed it but for some reason (which is lost to me now) I stopped playing and never returned. After the complete failure of my XBLA version I bought the version for the iPhone, assuming that I would get more use out of it if I could play it while I was travelling to work or during my lunch break. I was wrong. I managed to progress a little further on my iPhone but once again at a certain stage I just stopped playing.

So after abandoning the XBLA and iPhone version I decided to do what any logical person would do and buy it a third time on my iPad. Once again I played it for a while, had fun and once again I gave up after a while.

As I have not completed the original excursion of Guybrush Threepwood I decided against buying the sequels or the Tales of series until I have and therein lies the problem. I am in a permanent state of limbo, I need to move onto the next game but I don’t want to until I have finished the original outing. I need to stress that I am not stuck in the game; I can and do make progress whenever I play I just always seem to find an excuse not to play it for long. I have tried to support Telltale games after all I have bought one game three times and that’s either a sign of dedication, stupidity or someone who has too much money(definitely not the latter) I also plan to buy the soon to be released Back to the Future and Jurassic Park titles.

Perhaps my problem is that as I didn’t play these games when I was younger that I have no nostalgia for the games today, perhaps point and click adventures aren’t my thing. Yet that wouldn’t explain why I am obsessed with the Back to the Future franchise and why I anxiously anticipating the game which is a point and click adventure. In the end I have no reason not to have completed it, I have been given plenty of opportunities to play the game but I just don’t.

That’s my confession, let the ridicule commence.

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  • You do know there’s a Hint system on that game, right? It can help you beat the game?

  • Interesting chat with the creator Ron Gilbert here, maybe this will help!