GT Academy Registration Starts Today

I actually took this picture from the game :)

Great news for all you Gran Turismo fans, if are one of those that were interested in the GT Acadaemy where you can actually win a place to train with a real Nissan team and actually race as part of a professional team when you should register today over at their official site. If you are like me as well and love the game but still might not be quite the best at it, well don’t worry, just for taking part of this you can win prizes such as:

some cool GT prizing, including Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheels, Playseat racing rigs, GT5 posters, and more.

Go ahead and sign up now because the start of the GT Academy is just around the corner and it would really suck to forget to enter and lose out on the chance to win some of these awesome prizes.


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  • gt5 best driveg game ever or wat