Best Of The Bad Bunch: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of Best of The Bad Bunch if your joining us after last week it’s nice to see you again, If this is your first time reading this series then here is a quick recap for you. Every week I will be taking a look at what makes some of media’s most famous villains so evil and wrapping it up in a nice little article for you. At the end of each article I will leave the public and the staff of P*N a choice of two villains for next weeks feature. Simple really , Last weeks choice was between Lex Luthor of Super Man Infamacy and the dastardly Doctor Robotnik from Sonic, after some convincing arguments on both sides of the battle the votes won out and this week we focus on :


Name:  Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Species: Human

Extra Notes:  IQ of 300.

Canon: Will be drawing from all media forms.

A Quick Bio for you. A lot of information around the good doctor is speculation, for instance there are no details on his birth and scattered amongst the various forms of Sonic media are a few different stories for why he is so evil. One of the most speculated things is the Doctor’s name itself, listed in the box for the EU release of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1999 as Doctor Ivo Robotnik but in the Japanese release was labeled as Doctor Eggman. After this the only release to refer to him as Robotnik was Sonic Adventure in 1999 as all the rest called him Eggman presumably hinting towards his egg-like stature. Enough of the technical details though and let’s get down to what really makes him tick.

Robotnik is a classic villain for many reasons,  he fits every point on the checklist for a start especially if the list looks like this:

  • Lust for Treasure
  • Lust for Power at others expense
  • Desire to hunt down and destroy one key character
  • Plans for utter world domination that aren’t though out past take over the world
  • Undeniably eccentric

Lust for Treasure

Perhaps it’s because they shine or maybe it’s the infinite power they contain but the Doctor cannot seem to resist the drive to collect those chaos emeralds and this possesses his every waking moment. You think he would learn from previous events but Robotnik is as determined as he is round that perhaps this plan might actually succeed

Lust for Power

One reason for Robotnik’s obsession with the Chaos Emeralds is the power they contain while he has never succeeded in collecting all the mysterious stones Robotnik has been known to improvise and harness even the most unlikely of energy sources for his own gain. Amongst these improvisations has been the ultimate being Chaos (Sonic Adventure), Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed) and Super Sonic himself proving him to be both resourceful and fearless in his plans.

Desire to destroy a central character

I think it’s safe enough to say that defeating Sonic is actually Robotnik’s main life goal. Most of his plans seem to be based around ridding himself of the troublesome hedgehog. Having just said that it does seem like it’s the other way round and the ring addicted Sonic wants solely to defeat Robotnik who in turn doesn’t mind what Sonic does so long as he can take over the world and set up his ego stroking Eggworld/Robotworld. Contradicting I know but it’s my article and I’m allowed to.

World Domination

As mentioned above Robotnik is a typical villain and as such wants only to rule/destroy the world and has attempted again and again only to be foiled by Sonic. My favourite of these methods has been the Death Egg, a blatant pun on the famous Death Star of Star Wars Origin but still makes me smile despite its ultimate failure in the end. He is mostly remembered for kidnapping the creatures of the world and turning them into robotic Badnik’s to do his bidding, with an army of robotic wasps and blade wielding lady birds at his disposal surely he would succeed at this task. Guess not.

Lastly it cannot be said that he is not eccentric, while he is not evil in comparison to last weeks featured Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine he certainly has enough persistence and ingenuity to come up with some truly outrageous plans and surely any villain that can harness the power of his arch nemesis and use it to blow open the world and unleash a truly powerful evil on the universe is worth making it onto this list and on the basis of that alone I think Doctor Ivo Robotnik deserves to stand tall(ish) next to Emperor Palpatine.

What did you have to say:

Justin Keplinger –
” I have to pick Dr. Robotnik and here is the reason: I was never able to defeat his final form in Sonic 2. Despite endless tries I never managed to pull it off. Its for this hair pulling reason that I most cast my vote for the infamous Dr. Robotnik.”

MDSRocker (Sam Handrick) – “Dr. Robotnik, by far. Luther may have done some dastardly stuff in his time, but Robotnik turned a wilderness of animals into evil robots and created a giant flying ship. He’s also amazingly fat.”

That’s it for this weeks feature be sure to leave a comment below voting for next weeks article. Battling it out for your attention next week are two seriously twisted clowns.

The Joker – Batman’s arch nemesis.


Pennywise – The shape shifting Demon clown from Stephen Kings IT.

See you next week for an utterly psychotic Best of The Bad Bunch

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  • Dr. Robotnik with the upset win! I’ll be shocked if next week’s isn’t a landslide for Pennywise.. creepy clown battle!