PopCap Games Launches Bejeweled 3

Twice as many game modes as Bejeweled 2, eight mini-games and a complete revision of its sounds and graphics.  That’s what you’ll get if you pick up Bejeweled 3, which is now available at and other leading portal systems such as MSN Games,, Steam, GameHouse and WildTangent, as well as at retail outlets throughout North America including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and, at a suggested retail price of US$19.95.

There are also 65 achievement badges to earn as well as a load of statistics at the end of each game.  The graphics can be turned up to full HD (1920 x 1200) so you can really appreciate the crystal-sharp detail.

The four all-new modes of Bejeweled 3 are:

  • Butterflies: Match the butterfly gems to free them before they ascend the board. If they flutter all the way to the top, the spider wins!
  • Poker: make matches to create poker hands, with better hands scoring more points. Avoid “outlawed” hands as the game progresses, or only a lucky flip of the coin can save you.
  • Diamond Mine: delve deep beneath the earth by exploding gems to tunnel downward. Unearth gold, artifacts and Hypercubes to score big!
  • Ice Storm: Hold back the rising ice floe in this chilling, speed-based variation. Match gems quickly to keep columns of frost at bay.

The highly successful game celebrates it’s 10th anniversary with its first sequel in 6 years and you would have thought that the launch party would have been a massive affair but you couldn’t be further from the truth.  The launch party hosted a cross section of the UK’s most prolific casual video gamers: a Women’s Institute secretary; a granny; a Welsh librarian; a glamorous banker and a trendy dad.

I’ll let the PopCap press release explain the reasoning behind the cosiest launch party ever.

The ‘laid back’ launch of Bejeweled 3 follows news revealing the true identity of the average gamer.  All-new Vox PopCap research of 2,000 casual gamers released today paints a very different picture from the stereotype of a teenage boy playing games in his bedroom. The average gamer is a 43-year-old married mum called Sue with two grown up children who counts watching Midsomer Murders and playing on her own games console as among her favourite pastimes.

These are actual photos from the party itself.

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