Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Pack 2010

Do you want to renew your Xbox Live Gold membership but not want to pay the full $59.99 price? Well if so, Kmart is having a pretty nice deal right now. You can pick up the Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Pack which comes with a year of Xbox Live, a Xbox 360 chatpad, a wired headset and Project Gotham Racing for only $55.99 because of a 20% off deal that they are doing right now and if you use Kmart coupon code KMGIFTS you will also get free shipping. Not a bad price at all for someone that is looking to pick up a year of Xbox Live Gold and get some other bonuses to go with it. Act soon though if you are interested because this deal ends on December 11.

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  • tye

    This a great deal. I need a chatpad too. Hopefully I’ll order this in a day or so.