Strong Bad’s Cool Game On PlayStation Network

Possibly the strangest name for a game I’ve seen in a while, but it will catch your attention! On December twenty-first you’ll be able to download this crazy and fun game on PSN! If you don’t want to wait until then (and you have the other platforms) you can currently get it for your PC and WiiWare. But, if you don’t, add it to your Christmas list! 


Telltale Brings Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People to PlayStation Network for Holidays!
Game Based on will release December 21 on PlayStation Network; also Coming Soon to Mac!

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. December 8, 2010 — Pioneering digital publisher Telltale Games, today announced that the game series based on Strong Bad, the self-proclaimed coolest person ever, will release for PlayStation 3(R) Computer Entertainment System in North America December 21, and will be available on the PlayStation Network in Europe and Macintosh shortly thereafter.

Developed in partnership with creators Mike and Matt Chapman, Telltale’s Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP) delivers all of the comedy and irreverence of the web cartoons that its legions of fans have come to love. SBCG4AP is a story-driven 5 episode series with a comic spin that’s undeniably Strong Bad. The player uncovers each episode’s comedic plot through character interaction, dialogue-based puzzles, and the use (and abuse) of inventory items. The story-lines run the gamut from political struggles to rock ‘n roll to the world of video games (of course). In addition, each episode is crammed with time-wasters to keep players poking around in the world, including Strong Bad emails to check, prank phone calls to place, and mini-games styled after the arcade games on the website. SBCG4AP features the cast of characters and locations from the cartoons, and the games are fully voice acted by Matt Chapman and the rest of the original cast.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People is also currently available for PC at and on Nintendo WiiWare.

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