Unbound Saga Review (XBLA)

Game Review: Unbound Saga
Release: 12/1/2010
Genre: Beat-em up
Developer: Vogster Entertainment
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PSP
Players: 1-2
MSRP: 800 Microsoft Points ($10)
ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Unbound Saga is the story of comic book star Rick Ajax. Rick has been in many comics throughout his life; recently he has been living in the last known city in the world as a bouncer for a night club. Rick was thrown back into action one night after an attacker approached one of the bar’s customers. While dealing with the attackers a character he has never seen before began to fight along his side. The new character, Lori Machete, is there to help Rick on his adventure to get revenge on The Maker that has put him into the many comics he has appeared in before.

In Unbound Saga you go from panel to panel defeating every enemy that comes your way. Each panel brings a new wave of enemies and once every enemy is defeated you move on to the next panel. The game is a basic beat-em up fighting game that can be played entirely in co-op or single player. Both playable characters have their own fighting style and different upgrades. The game consists of 10 issues and a boss fight near the end of each. With each issue come different enemies and locations.

Unbound Saga keeps up with other older beat-em up shooters. The game can be very basic if you want to just punch or you can use some of the abilities you earn to do more complicated combo moves. Both of the characters have their own fighting style and upgradable moves giving the game more variation and ways to play. While playing through the game you can easily transition from one character to the other. Every level gives you three lives and once those are gone you have to restart the level.

The best part of Unbound Saga is that the entire game is co-op. This gives the game more reason to go back and it gives it a greater experience. The game also has a large amount of upgrades for each character that makes you want to play the levels a few more times just to fully upgrade each of your characters and see how powerful they can become. Unbound Saga also has a good art style that definitely seems to capture certain comic book art styles and the panel style adds to it.

Unbound Saga has some good parts but there is nothing new or special about this game. The gameplay is very plain; there isn’t much that stands out from any other beat-em up game. The game is mainly a button masher that doesn’t really require any thought to beat unless you are playing on a hard difficulty. The enemies get really boring as practically all of them are the same; the only separation between most enemies is that some can throw an object at you. The boss fight at the end of each level also doesn’t vary much until near the end of the game.

Possibly the worst part about Unbound Saga is the storyline. The game’s story makes it very hard to tell what exactly is going on and why. Not only does the story not make any sense but you will probably also not care about it. The storyline could have not existed for this game and it possibly could have made the game better. Unbound Saga’s story is also very short; with only 10 levels you will be able to beat the game in less than 3 or 4 hours on easy.

Overall: Unbound Saga doesn’t seem to have enough to justify a purchase. The gametype has been done many times before and this game doesn’t add much to it. The game is very short but with a $10 price point the length somewhat matches the price. The game is good if you just want to play a game with a friend but other than that the game doesn’t really offer any reason to buy it.

-Good Leveling System

-Bad Story

-Co-op is great to have

-Incredibly dull

6 out of 10

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