Kung-Fu LIVE Unleashes On The PSN

Kung-Fu LIVE has been released for the PlayStation 3, and maybe you haven’t pick it up just yet or you are still on the fence about the game.  Well we are not here to sway your decision but we do have some new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  We have also added a little bit about the game just in case you were wondering.  So what are you waiting for to get your Kung-Fu on.

Kung-Fu LIVE fuses players into a world of pulp action-comics with accurate real-time motion and image scanning, letting fans literally step inside the fight like never before. Using the PlayStation Eye®, Virtual Air Guitar Company’s patented Freemotion® technology has helped to create the first controller-free fighting game of its kind that transports players into the game world, challenging them to survive using a limitless array of free-style martial arts and acrobatic moves with their own bodies and without restrictions. Utilizing real-time background image removal combined with enormous interactive environments, a roster of impossible-made-possible power moves, and unique multiplayer components, Kung-Fu LIVE lets players star in the ultimate kung-fu comic adventure that will unleash the inner Bruce Lee in everyone!

Kung-Fu LIVE has been published independently by Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd., and provides a fast, fun, and action packed experience while ushering in a new era of full-body motion gaming. Kung-Fu LIVE is available now on PlayStation Network for just $14.99 USD in North America, and only €13.99 EUR / £10.99 GBP in Europe.

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