Worms: Battle Islands Review (PSP)

Game: Worms Battle Islands
Released: November 24th 2010
Genre: Arcade
Developer: Team 17
Platforms: PSP
Players: 1-4
MSRP: $24.99
ESRP: E+10
WebsiteTeam 17

Worms has been a gaming classic since its first appearance on the Amiga in 1995 worms has been building into a well known franchise partly due to its quirky graphic style and generally crazy weapon sets. Battle Islands is the latest delivery from Team 17 and if certainly upholds the standards set by its predecessors’.

Imagine if you fed worms too many e-numbers, built an odd but easily destructible terrain and then armed them with weaponry, the ensuing destruction would be something similar to what you get when playing Worms Battle Islands. The campaign is based around defeating a series of challenges based in 6 different areas. Each area is made up of a series of smaller islands surrounding a larger Base which usually involves having to defeat an opposing team of worms often on terrain that isn’t the easiest to traverse.

Your worms have access to a large armoury of weapons featuring classics from Worms history such as the rocket launcher, air strike and banana bomb and each effects the enemy and the terrain differently. Items such as the Air Strike cover a wide area of effect and can only be used in outdoor environments whereas indoor caverns are often much more complicated in they’re layout. Useful tools for moving around the levels are included as well as one of my personal favourite, the ninja rope.

Saying that Battle Islands hasn’t changed from other worms games is not specifically true but even if it was it’s not a bad thing. Alongside the campaign there is a fun puzzle mode and the ability to create weaponry and alter you worms to suit your style of play is always an added bonus, after all who doesn’t like to run around with a super strong flaming baseball bat.

Worms is just a fun and addictive game that can will make you laugh one moment and make you rage the next. While the single player is excellent the most fun comes playing against your friend and battling it out to the detriment of your friendship. The graphic style and control system works smoothly on the PSP and is refreshing to see such high quality graphics on a downloadable title. Lastly a few pieces I haven’t included but are worth a mention.

  • Pre match options including Teleport and Recon help add extra tactics to the level.
  • Total Customisation including gravestones and headgear to add the personal touch.
  • Time Attack modes for even more pressure

Final Score: 9 out of 10

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