Pixeline And The Jungle Treasure Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure
Release: 12/6/2010
Developer: Progressive Media
MSRP: $3.99
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 19.3 MB
Website: Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure on

Pixeline is a small little girl that is searching the jungle for an ancient treasure. She must go through dangers such as floating platforms, watery graves, and angry plants! She even has the ability to change into a few different animals to help her along her way! You battle your way through 23 brilliantly designed levels in search of coins and new abilities! If you loved any of the Mario games, this is a perfect game for you!

You play as Pixeline and charge through the jungle using a sidescroller on the screen and a jump button off to the right side. SO much like Mario it’s not even funny. You run and jump over objects, dodge evil plants and small little creatures will attack you! The small little evil monsters will walk back in forth in a small space or jump down on you, run into you, attack you, everything! Run up and jump on them to defeat them, but be careful of the spiked helmets on some!

Getting through each level was an easy task at first, but it does prove to be more difficult as the game progresses. Not having a controller doesn’t make it any easier, but does keep it challenging. The directions in the beginning of the game are perfect, great for a beginner to understand. Like I said, it’s a lot like Mario, so if you have that mastered, this is about the same and you won’t need direction.

You get the ability to use “animal spirits” in the game to help you along your way. The one thing that bothered me about this was how often you have to change characters. Take for example one of the first times I used the lizard. To get into a small crawl space you have to shrink into a lizard, but then to get up onto the next level you have to change back into Pixeline, then again into the lizard, then into the girl, then the lizard… I’m a huge fan of different abilities for different characters, but I think some of them should have had the same abilities, like decent jumping.


– 23 different levels

– 4 different character types, each with special skills

– Easy to learn controls, good directions

– Good for all ages!

Not too many things that I would change when it comes to Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure. There are a few shout outs here and there that seem overly childish, like “Okaley dokaley!” Or “Jolly good jumping!” Makes for a good laugh though!

If you were able to use a joystick for this instead of just a small bar, it would be one hell of a game on a home based system.

All in all, great game. Well put together though you can practically see Mario in this game with the similarities! Would I recommend it for a game to play when you’re out and about and need to kill some time? Highly!


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