Tales Of A Wasteland Wanderer

I just purchased Fallout 3 for the second time. I thought I was done with the game after my first time through Bethesda’s gritty post-apocalyptic future, however I found myself drawn back in for another adventure in the wastelands.

I wasn’t sure why I wanted to relive Fallout 3, until I stepped out of Vault 101 and into the blinding sunlight. There is something about this game that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe its just how amazing the game world is, how everything seems to change each time you step out of town. You can do the exact same quest and each time its different in one way or another. You may already know the end result, but you have no idea what will happen in between. For example, after completing the basic opening of the game and collecting quests in the town of Megaton, (a small ramshackle town build around an unexploded atomic bomb), I set out into the wastes for my first, second time.

It was nighttime when I left Megaton. I was heading for the super-duper mart in pursuit of a task for Moira Brown, the owner of Craterside Supply. She seems to be a few cards short of a full deck, but she means well and is trying to put together a wasteland survival guide so I don’t mind helping her out. Besides, I need caps if I am going to follow my father into the DC area and the mart may have some valuables that could be sold to help get myself on the right track.

I was half way to my destination when I ran into my first group of raiders. They seemed to have been trained in combat by Hollywood action movies, since their attempt at my death consisted of spraying lead on full auto from the hip. Once I had killed all three I took the R91 assault rifle by right of conquest, figuring it would be better off in my hands then theirs anyway. As I closed in on the mart I heard gunfire. A lot of gunfire. I skirted the fence surrounding the building trying to find an opening and to see what was causing all the ruckus. I cleared the fence just in time to see a wastelander running full sprint away from the mart, turning only long enough to spray gunfire and then keep running. As soon as I realized I was not his intended target I started looking for whatever he was shooting at, intending to assist this man in need. I was too late. Before I could even raise my rifle a black shape, dark against the night sky, darted forward and cut the wastelander into pieces in a scene closely resembling something out of the movie “Starship Troopers”. The creature turned toward me and charged. It suddenly struck me that it had been sometime since I had last saved. Fearing I was about to lose an hours worth of game play I panicked and opened fire. I realized too late that the creature before me was one I hadn’t seen till much later in my travels last time through Fallout 3. A Deathclaw. The name really says it all folks.

Knowing for sure I was about to lose all my work thus I still gave it my best shot. I opened Vats, took aim, and proceeded to blow its skull apart in four bursts of assault rifle fire. I was completely shocked at my good fortune. As it turns out, the beast had been significantly weakened in its last fight with the wastelander, and I had simply been the one to deliver the killing blow. Nonetheless I walked over and proceeded to cut off one of the creatures claws as a trophy. I then wandered over to the super-duper mart where I encountered two other wastelanders hiding behind a destroyed car. They thanked me for my help with the Deathclaw and offered me a crudely drawn map of the surrounding area. I thanked them, but when I asked about my father they told me that gratefulness only went so far. Ignoring the sleight I walked toward the entrance of the mart. The outside was decorated with desecrated corpses, marking this store as raider territory. I resigned myself to the fact that this trip may end up being more dangerous then a shopping trip to Wal-Mart on Black Friday. I reloaded my weapon, racked the slide and checked my shopping list one more time. Then I pushed open the doors, and stepped inside.

I may continue to publish stories about my adventures in the world of Fallout 3, unless I get my hands on Fallout: New Vegas. The stories might continue anyway, just with a different title. Maybe something along the lines of “Tales Of A Really Lost Weekend Gambler”. If you haven’t played Fallout 3 yet this might inspire you, and if not, I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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