Know What Rock Band Songs To Buy: Queen

Hammer To Fall

Guitar: The guitar is mostly three close together strums with a farther apart note afterwords but for the most part the song does keep you entertained and you get a nice slightly challenging guitar solo on expert.

Bass: The bass can actually be more challenging than the guitar in certain parts but the bass is still boring in parts. Notes can be missed here and there but more than likely it will be no problem hitting them all.

Drums: The song’s drums aren’t too difficult; they are still fun to play though. There isn’t much mix up but there is some here and there especially with the pedal notes.

Pro Keys: The keys are not present through a large majority of the song. When you do play keys parts are difficult but near the end it starts to get easy, people trying to learn pro keys on expert will probably not have too much problem with the keys mostly because of the lack of notes.

Play The Game

Guitar: The guitar is often not present in the song and when it is there aren’t too many notes. The notes in the song are mostly spread out but the guitar does sound very cool when when you are playing along with it. There is a solo in the middle of the song and parts of it are challenging with some hammer-on scales here and there but overall the guitar is somewhat boring.

Bass: This is one of those rare occasions where the bass is more present throughout the song than the guitar. Although that is true the bass has many long notes and guitar is still more challenging, but it is a little bit more fun to play bass than guitar just because there aren’t as long of gaps between notes like guitar.

Drums: The drums are interesting and fun to play. The drums have many bass pedal notes to them and there are some challenging notes that are very close together with bass pedal mixed in, this part is short enough though that as long as you try you should be able to pass it. The drums are very constant throughout the song. The song offers a challenge to people who aren’t masters of the expert drums.

Pro Keys: Pro keys on expert is very difficult. There are many three simultaneous note hits and many black notes mixed with the white ones. The keys are constantly changing but the keyboard does not make you change where you play at on the keyboard through the song.

Overall: These are both fine songs with descent enough instrument parts. My favorite to listen to is Play the Game, but Hammer To Fall definitely holds its own. If you are a fan of Queen both songs are worth picking up but I would probably recommend Play the Game over Hammer To Fall by a slight margin.

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