Guillermo Del Toro’s inSANE Revealed

I guess it’s not so much a shocker that the guy behind movies like Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage, if making a video game, would make a horror video game. It’s too bad that that’s basically all we know about it from the very malevolent looking premiere trailer. It could be a match made in gaming heaven, however. Del Toro knows his creepy and weirdness, and if they capitalize on that, with great gameplay and a solid story? Well, the Dead Space games may just have to watch their backs. And then again, inSANE won’t be coming out until 2013, and you can only get me to be excited for something that far away if you’re an established franchise (ala Bioshock Infinite). But for now, here’s the trailer.

THQ’s Danny Bilson offered a little more via Twitter, stating that THQ and Del Toro have been working together on the game for six months so far and just finished up “the story beats” yesterday, whatever that means. Finally, Bilson described the game as a “Horror Adventure Title.”

As promised, the Spike VGAs played host to the unveiling of the joint project between THQ and Pan’s Labyrinth director, Guillermo Del Toro. Titled inSane, nothing was revealed about the game’s actual gameplay — it’s being developed by Volition and won’t be launching until sometime in 2013 (no joke!). Based on the initial trailer, it’s clear that it’ll be a horror game.

via Joystiq

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