OnLive MicroConsole Unboxing

You may have heard of the OnLive MicroConsole mentioned here at Platform Nation a few times, as we have brought you plenty of news about the newest game system.  Well Platform Nation got their hands on the OnLive MicroConsole and we have an unboxing for your viewing pleasure.  Just in case you missed some of the post we have made in the past please feel free to check them out right here.

OnLive’s Game System
Free MicroConsole Offer From OnLive
OnLive Offers Flat Rate Fee

The OnLive MicroConsole is just that a microconsole packaged beautifully, and as you will see from the pictures below they have included everything you will need to get started.  So no need to race around looking for an HDMI cable or even batteries as OnLive has it all boxed up for you.

For more information be sure to check out OnLive’s website and stay tuned to Platform Nation as we put the OnLive MicroCosole through the paces and see if it will be worth your hard earned money.

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  • Definitely looking forward to the review for this one.