Why Do The VGA’s Exist?

Saturday night and into the morning, trailers for new video games were flooding the internet. They all stemmed from the Spike TV Video Game Awards that took place on December 11th. I like many other gamers watched the VGA’s, and, like almost everyone else who watched, all I cared about was the world premiere trailers.  In the past few years the VGA’s have become the biggest game premier event, possibly even outdoing E3.

The original idea behind the VGA’s was “noble.” It would be wonderful to have an awards show that recognizes the achievements throughout the gaming industry, but the honest truth is that gaming doesn’t have enough celebrities to support an Oscar/Emmy caliber awards show. Average gamers care about the games, they have no idea who Todd Howard, Sam Houser, or David Jaffe are.  So, the suits at Spike decided that they need Denise Richards and Dane Cook to raise excitement for the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Neil Patrick Harris, but even he couldn’t save the catastrophe that was this years VGA’s.

Honestly, how many people care about the actual awards that were handed out during the show (It would be interesting to find out if any of the developers actually care about any of the awards.). I know I didn’t. So, I have to raise the question. Why doesn’t Spike TV just get rid of the awards aspect of the show? One hour of world premiere trailers on national television would be far more entertaining then the current state of the VGA’s. It might even draw more viewers than the awards show. It seems as if the VGA’s, as an awards show, exist only to allow publishers to put a Game of the Year logo on their games.

So, did any of you actually care about the awards? Would you rather watch a nationally televised show that focused only on world premieres?

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  • ablindvillain

    Awesome post! I was actually wondering about the same exact thing. I just recorded the whole awards show, fast forwarded through all the “award” parts and just watched the trailers. The idea to have a nationally televised show specifically for world premiere trailers seems like the way to go for the future.

  • I don’t think they should abandon the award show, just make it more watchable and enjoyable. There are currently 30 categories – are you kidding me? Chose 8 or so categories that count and that gamers and game developers care about (definitely keep “best voice actor/actress!) and structure the whole show better and it’ll be far more enjoyable to watch.

  • How else are the average gamers supposed to know who these great developers, producers, and directors are if they aren’t showcased? Not everyone gets G4, and as far as I know other video game ceremonies aren’t televised. I personally feel though, that maybe they should just streamline the awards into a condensed show that features only fewer awards, and have developers come in to a sit down interview about their next games and have them introduce their respective trailers. And obviously, have the most anticipated trailer at the end of the show to close it out…

    -cough- M.E.3 -cough-

  • I didn’t watch at all, I was far too busy playing video games.