Best Of The Bad Bunch: Week 3

Welcome one and all to the ultimate exploration of the most twisted clowns in the business and after much deliberation, and myself learning that Pennywise is not actually a clown but a twisted evil shape shifter that feeds off small children and adults alike, the time has come to reveal this weeks Best Of the Bad Bunch and due to one of the choices being ruled out for not actually being a clown we are left with only one choice. This week will feature a creature so destructive and terrible that batman himself would shake in his latex suit I am of course talking about the Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Wait I here you ask that wasn’t an option from last week, I hear you and for this week only I will bring you not one but two Psycho Clowns as I will also be taking a brief skim into the Joker’s dark and twisted past. So step right up and hold on to your cotton candy as the Clowns are in town.

Name: Killer Klowns
Species: Klowns?
First Appearence: 1988
The Killer Klown’s are probably the most highly recognised of all B-movie villains and I believe it is the very fact they look like clowns that make them so memorable. These sinister comedians use seemingly every day objects to ensnare, destroy and even eat the unsuspecting population of earth upon their invasion. The people of Crescent Cove are the first to encounter these beings when their Circus tent lands and with it the first major assault on the people of earth begins.

The Klown’s themselves are twisted and bitter representations of the same clowns they are based on and as mentioned they use seemingly innocent objects to bend humans to their will. A few of my favourite things about the Klowns are:

Cotton Candy  (like substance) – Used to surround humans and then slowly gelatinise them ready for the clowns to eat , sometimes with a straw.

Killer Shadow Puppets – enough said really these unexpected puppets are more than they seem and can cause some serious damage.

JoJo – anyone that has seen this film will remember JoJo and I for one doubt I will forget him anytime soon. Essentially JoJo is the Klown emperor and to heighten his daunting rule as Leader of such a ruthless bunch of menaces he is also 30ft tall and with an equally proportioned nose. Strangely this huge nose(as will the Klown Army) is the only weak spot and unless the nose is hit directly nothing can kill a Klown.

Genocide –  No invasion would be complete without this and the Klown Army is no exception. Killing anyone and anything their path without mercy the Klown Army advances seemingly with no overlying purpose

If these Reasons aren’t enough to make you nervous then just take a look at their faces, I saw this film when I was 12 and it has haunted me since..

The Joker:

Name: Unknown – various origins stories point to him being Jack White or/and Red Hood.
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Gender: Male.

As with Emperor Palpatine the Joker has such a wide range of stories each as valid as the other and far too many acts to be taken under consideration. If i was to write them all here the page would go on for far too long and you will have either fallen asleep, got bored or even died of lack of excitement so I am going to pick my favourite 5 moments from the Jokers disturbing but fascinating history of crime and super sanity.

For those who don’t know the Joker here is a little background information. The Joker is Batman’s sworn enemy and one of few villains the Bat has difficulty defeating. In a way Batman relies on the Jokers insanity to justify his own. Without villains like the Joker Batman would be left with no-one to face and no way of avoiding his own past, this is equally true the other way round. The Joker relies on fun and without Batman to play games with he would be nothing more than a common criminal as his superior intellect would not be tame enough to focus on one specific  vendetta. Anyway back to these points.

  1. The Joker has no morals and as such has racked up thousands of deaths. Men, Women, Children none are excluded  from his insanity. Thanks to a crack team of lawyers The Joker is never charged for his crime due to his insanity and is instead sent back to Arkham Asylum which seems to be nothing more than a holiday for the psychopath.
  2. In Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight , the Joker tricked Batman into a situation where he is faced with a choice of saving Harvey Dent or Rachel Dawes. Ultimately the Joker tricks Batman into rescuing Harvey instead as they both listen to her final words before hearing the explosion over a phone line. This was the moment that defined Batman as a vengeful force in the film and tipped Harvey Dent so far far over the edge of sanity he became Two Face.
  3. The Killing of the 2nd Robin. This was a sad moment for the comic series. Upon luring the 2nd robin Jason Todd and Batman to Sarajevo he is shown to beat Jason to death with a crowbar. Thanks to the Jokers violent actions Jason was latter brought to life by Rhas al Ghul and returned to take vengeance on the Joker under the guise of the Red Hood.
  4. In Batman: Arkham Asylum the Joker extracted Titan from a Plant-Venom hybrid and used it to create an army of super goons and went as far as using it on himself in the aid to defeat Batman. This one night of chaos caused many of Arkham’s Super Criminals to roam free on both the island and seemingly into Gotham City itself.
  5. The turning point for the Joker as a villain in the comics was shown in the 1988 comic Batman: The Killing Joke when with the sole goal of getting Batman and Commissioner Gordon’s attention he shoots Barbara Gorden (once Bat Girl) not to kill her but to successfully cripple her and force her into a life of paralysis.

These are just a few of my favourite moments from Comic’s most recognised villain. It is said in Arkham Asylum : A Serious House on Serious Earth that the Joker may not be insane but that he has a kind of Super Sanity which makes him re-create himself each day just so he can cope with chaotic every day life. Whether this is true or not depends on how you look at it but if there is one view to be learned from the above examples.

Never Trust a Clown.

Next Week:

Next week is going to be a special week for Best of The Bad Bunch and here is your chance to take part.

I would like you, your friends and your dog to all nominate your best villain of 2010 in each of these categories and I will be presenting a special rewards article celebrating Platform Nations favourites from this year.

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That’s all for this week and thank you for joining me.

Just so he doesn’t feel left out, here a little Pennywise for you.

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