Galaxy Fights Hits The PSN Import Store Today

The release of Galaxy Fights will mark the first time gamers will get to play the direct from Japan import.   So if are a fan of Japanese games and blazing lasers are your things we may have found a game for you.  Here is a little more about the game.

Galaxy Fight is a 1995 fighting game that had players battling each other through a solar system, each with unique opponents inhabiting each of the planets. All of the combatants are tasked with getting to the all-mighty Felden Crais, a god of legend that appeared only once every millennium. With eight different characters and an innovative feature that excluded walls in the battle stages, Galaxy Fight’s unique gameplay encouraged unending battles across wonderfully detailed fighting scenery. The fighting game was also acclaimed-developer Sunsoft’s first arcade fighting game, developed and published for both the Neo Geo and Sega Saturn systems.

Galaxy Fights is a SunSoft title that is a must for the retro gamer to try out and it is available today on the PSN Import Store for $5.99.

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  • XND

    How can we request an import game for the USA market?