OnLive Viewer Hits The App Store

Free to download for the iPad is the OnLive Viewer app.  This free app allows you to watch hundreds of games being played throughout the world.  Also take a look at the Brag Clip videos and rate some of your favorite clips and while you are at it make some new friends in the process.

The free OnLive® Viewer gives you a window into on-demand, instant-play video games on the OnLive Game Service. Gaming becomes a spectator sport in the OnLive Arena, where you can instantly watch hundreds of games being played live by gamers throughout the world.

So be sure to checkout the OnLive Viewer that allows you to watch OnLive gameplay virtually anywhere.
Checkout the iPad app right here and remember it has the best price tag of them all, free.  Also be sure to follow the OnLive Community on Twitter and checkout the OnLive YouTube page for some great videos.

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