Super Blast 2 Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Super Blast 2
Release: December 6, 2010
Developer: Phantoom Entertainment
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0
Size: 40.2 MB

Super Blast 2 is Phantoom’s latest top-down space shooter. Crisp graphics, weapon powerups, and three difficulty modes highlight your adventure through the final frontier. Automatic firing and gyroscopic controls will make your domination of minions and bosses easier than easy mode.

The simplicity of the main menu is indicative of what the game is like: Choose a difficulty level (easy, normal, hard) and tap Play. You are immediately thrust into the game and your ship begins its machine-gun fire. If you are on easy, the minions appear slowly and deliberately, making them fodder for your blazing guns. Hard mode is a different animal altogether; the minions move rapidly around the screen and in greater numbers. This complicates the fact that if a single enemy gets past you, game over. Even if your ship has full health—game over. Your main defense is to tilt your iPhone from side to side, guiding your ship back and forth to prevent minions from passing you. If panic sets in, tap the screen to detonate a Super Blast and destroy everything on the screen.

Superhero mode. Close your eyes and tilt your iPhone back and forth.

Every once in a while, a sphere with a symbol on it will fall toward you. This is what powerups look like; in most cases, you want to collect these. If that sphere has a star on it, grab it! Three of these will initiate Superhero mode, transforming you into a flying death machine. Each shot does 2 damage and you fire four bullets in rapid succession.

A boss with 346 health remaining. Super Blasts don't work!

Health also comes packaged this way and will restore you completely if you grab one. As soon as you snag a weapon powerup, it begins automatically firing until its timer runs out. I have noticed that with certain weapons, the timer will reset if you collect that same weapon sphere while you are still firing (spread shot) while others will not (lightning).

Lightning powerup. Wrecks bosses and clears swathes of minions.

All minions are destroyed in two or three hits, mini-bosses take 5-10 hits, and Bosses have a predetermined amount of visible hit points. All weapon types do 1 damage per shot, except for the bomb weapon which does 10 damage per hit. It is extremely important to differentiate between shot and hit; if you have the spread shot powerup, it will still only inflict 1 damage even if all three bullets hit the enemy. The slow fire rate renders the ninja star powerup useless and makes the bomb very situational.

Superhero mode against a boss = win.

I like the OpenFeint leaderboard support for enemies killed and best score, differentiating among the difficulty levels. This adds to the replay value of Super Blast 2, which needs every ounce it can get because of the done-and-done-again gameplay. It boils down to what you are looking for: If you want originality, look somewhere else. If you want familiarity in a pretty package, then you found it.


  • OpenFeint leaderboards (plus Game Center integration)
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Multiple weapon powerups
  • Impressive graphics and animations
  • Generic gameplay

Bottom line: Maybe it will be a free app one day.

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