Black Ops Patch Released

A new patch in the wildly popular Call of Duty: Black Ops has just been released. This patch includes a fair amount of maintenance changes but has also covers some changes to game play as well. I quickly list some the modifications.

Work has been done to keep parties from being disbanded unexpectedly for no reason. Changes have been made to the perk Flak Jacket as the Pro version sometimes failed to protect users against fire from the Napalm Strike. Treyarch also mentioned new added security features that would enable easier detection and banning of players who are cheating. Spawning has also been changed, in hopes to keep players from spawning too close to the enemy team.

Uh, we're spawning here...

Game play changes include modifying sniper rifle accuracy when scoped and some modifications to the perks Ninja Pro and Hardline Pro. Ninja Pro’s sound has now been improved to allow for better hearing of enemies footsteps and to quiet the sound of the perks user footsteps on concrete.  Hardline Pro has been changed so players can only re-roll Care Packages, and not any other crate dropped killstreak reward. Other changes include a delay to the red indicator players see when controlling the Valkyrie Rockets, Chopper Gunner and Hind Gunship, in an attempt to limit spawn camping. One final noteworthy piece of information regarding the patch is that the knife’s range has been reduced and that Treyarch has added new contracts to freshen things up.

You can read all of the details for yourself in the Treyarch forums.

Lock and load!

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