Even More Free DLC for PES 2011

We brought you news of the first DLC for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 when it was announced and now we can bring you news of even more free DLC but this time it’s only for PlayStation 3.  If we were being controversial we’d be calling this a patch but let’s keep to the press release tag of free DLC.

On December, 21st make sure to download the PS3 DLC which according to Konami is based on user feedback and is addressing some of the major gameplay issues.  These range from cosmetic changes e.g. switching off CPU player names to more fundamental gameplay tweaks e.g. shooting has been refined to be more realistic.

For the last couple of footballing seasons PES has arguably suffered due to the superior FIFA but this year is much closer and maybe these gameplay tweaks will close the gap even more.  Let Platform Nation and your fellow readers know if you’ll be picking this up and if you think it will help PES to reclaim the footballing crown that it held for many years until recently.

Changes included in the DLC (did we mention it is free?)

  • Defender AI has been adjusted to allow for more consistent pressing
  • The difficulty level and success rate for performing Rainbow Flicks has been adjusted to improve gameplay
  • Throw-ins can now be passed back immediately
  • Cursor switching has been improved including situations when the ball is crossed
  • Calculating transfer fees in the Master League has been reworked
  • Names above CPU players can now be switched off as they mimic player settings
  • Shooting has been tweaked to produce more realistic reactions and results depending on real-time situations
  • Chants within the game have been refined or changed

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