MLB 11: The Show Announced

MLB 10: The Show was a great game. I played the hell out of it, and I’m not even that much of a baseball guy unless the Rangers are involved (why, Cliff Lee, WHYYYYY?!). I’m sure less than 10% of its success can be attributed to the fact that Joe Mauer was its cover athlete, but that doesn’t mean SCEA can’t make sure because he’s been announced as the cover athlete for MLB 11: The Show as well.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, SCEA PR manager Eric Levine dropped some MLB 11 news in the form of the aforementioned Mauer-ized cover (which looks pretty fantastic), a launch trailer, a pre-order bonus, the reveal of the MLB 11: The Show edition DualShock 3, and the fact that the game officially exists. He also links over to an ESPN preview of the game that goes in-depth over its new purely analog pitching and hitting mechanics, co-op mode, and a whole lot more. I suggest you head over there and read it if you have any interest in cool things.

While the pre-order bonus itself merits gratitude because it gives you 30 days of MLB.TV for free, it is also refreshing in that it is not retailer-specific. I’ll refrain from ranting on the topic, but when pre-order bonuses lock gamers out of content that they will never get to experience unless they buy a copy of the game from each retailer, it just doesn’t feel right. The latest offender takes shape in Mortal Kombat’s retailer-specific fatalities for pre-orders. What kind of Mortal Kombat game doesn’t have the complete suite of Scorpion and Sub Zero fatalities by default?

Look for MLB 11: The Show to hit shelves March 8, 2011.

Source from the PlayStation Blog.

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