Aliens: Colonial Marines Reveal Coming

Aliens: Colonial Marines is game based on the Alien movie franchise and is currently being developed by Gearbox Software. The game has been in development since 2006 and very few details regarding the game have come to surface and no release date has been announced. I had feared this game may never see daylight. The last game loosely based on the Aliens franchise had been Aliens vs. Predator. A fairly lackluster title, which failed to deliver the fun of the previous AVP games. The most enjoyable part had been the section involving the human marines. While the game had been a clunky mess, the human campaign was fun and had a few really cool moments.

Tim, you have a bit of something on your face...

After playing and being disappointing by the Sega published title I had hopes that Aliens: Colonial Marines would deliver everything I enjoyed about the Alien series. The dark spaces, gloomy sci-fi environments, the shriek of the pulse rifle and the screamed orders of your panicked superiors. I quickly put my hope aside as soon as I realized there was no information on the title and nothing to bench my excitement on. Until today, when I found a interview with Alan Pritchard from Sega. In the interview Alan went on to say that Aliens: Colonial Marines was still a go and that we can expect to see new information in the coming months.

“Colonial Marines . We’ve been working closely with Gearbox behind the scenes, and we’ll be able to tell you a lot about that in the next couple of months.” – Alan Pritchard

You can read whole interview with Alan Pritchard here at Segabits.

It would seem that Gearbox Software is now making a habit of bringing fading games back into the light. The studio is also working on the infamous Duke Nukem Forever, finally bringing the title from myth and legend into completion.

I look forward to more news on this title in the coming months. If you find yourself unable to wait then I suggest breaking out an old copy of Aliens vs. Predator 2 and re-watching some of the Alien movies to tide yourself over.

Source: SegaBits.Com

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