Non-Premium Dashboard Themes

Why do companies and other entities keep giving us non-premium dashboard themes for the Xbox 360?

I was browsing the Marketplace last night when I noticed that the Army Rangers had a new, free theme up. My first thought was “this could be cool”. Immediately though I was like “oh wait, this is free and probably not a premium theme”. Well, I was right. It wasn’t premium. This got me thinking. Why would anybody waste their time making a theme that helps promote their business or item if they are not going to make it premium? Who even uses regular themes for their dashboard? I would use an Army Ranger theme if it were premium (and free) as I’m sure a lot of others would too. It would probably be really cool looking and go nice with all of my friend’s avatars that are in military garb.

This is how you do it the right way!

My question is still unanswered though. Why would you make a theme if it’s just some silly pictures in the background with the ugly white standard Xbox stuff by your friend’s avatars? Most of the time, the pictures don’t even look good in the background anyway. The bottom half is cut off and the picture doesn’t make any sense. Stop making these horrible themes people! If this were Rock Band, it would be the equivalent of buying a dlc track that was a studio band cover instead of the original track by the original band. It’s just not acceptable anymore and that is why Harmonix does not do this. They know better. If you are going to invest your time and money into advertising on the Xbox, do it right. Make us a premium theme that we Xbox gamers will actually use and enjoy! Otherwise, quit wasting your time and ours. I know these are free, but still, it does not mean people will like it. You should take proud in your company/product, so show it by making us premium themes!

So what is everybody else’s take on this? Are you tired of these non-premium themes as well, or do you relish in the fact that they are free?

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