Rubik’s Slide Review (iPhone)

Game Review: : Rubik’s Slide
Release: Nov 15, 2010
LeftRight Studios, Inc
MSRP: $2.99
Rating: (Age): 4+
6.3 MB

Rubik’s Slide is a modern twist on the classic Rubik’s cube with over 10,000 puzzles across 3 game modes.

  • Countdown – Solve 20 puzzles in a race against the clock.
  • Free Play – This is the mode with 10,000 puzzles.
  • Lightning Round – Solve 10 puzzles in the quickest time possible.

The title screen presents you with the choice of one of the three game mode, a help menu, scores and options.  Options is basic and simply gives you the option to turn the sound on or off.  The help menu bucks the trend of help menus and is actually very helpful in this instance.   There is a 9 step tutorial and 5 pages of tips and tricks.  Our advice, spend a couple of minutes reviewing both of these as this reviewer did not and was just a bit confused when faced with the first puzzle.  Clicking the scores button reveals several more menus which will be great if you have a competitive nature.  You can create an gaming ID and compete against your friends score in a leaderboard, connect the account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and also participate in global contests with some really good prizes.  The leaderboard can display your position against the rest of the world, or it can be filtered to only display your friends.  This can be further refined into today, weekly, monthly or all time scores.    So with Rubik’s Slide you potentially have a game in which can really lose yourself attempting to be the best against your friends or anyone else in the world, but how about the game?

Chose Your Poison

Countdown starts you off nice and gently by only offering Easy mode, when you complete the 20 ‘Easy’ puzzles then you will unlock Medium.  Complete the 20 medium puzzles and you come up against, you guessed it, hard mode.  The basic gameplay revolves around a 3×3 board which will have some squares lit up, your task is to rotate the game board a quarter turn clockwise or counterclockwise.  The idea is to match the solution and this is done by touching either corner and swiping your finger in the required direction.  It would have been good to have the option to tilt the iOS device instead.  You can also slide the squares around the board, again this is a simple touch and swipe in the desired direction.  A solid game mode and completing the 20 puzzles is a tough enough task, even in the easy mode.

Moving onto Freeplay mode.   Your first choice again is Easy, Medium or Hard. Countdown scared this reviewer just a bit so Easy was the preferred choice initially.  The extra pressure of the clock from Countdown mode is not present so you can take your time to work through each of the 10,000 puzzles.  A nice touch is the option to share your progress at any point to either Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, Lightning Round. It’s you against 10 puzzles in the quickest time you can complete them.  Choose Easy, Medium or Hard and you’re off.  Immediately the clock starts ticking and you notice the extra pressure of a 30 second time limit that is reset each time you complete a puzzle.  There is an audible countdown that beeps for every second lost which adds to the tension.

It looks simple but you'll be cursing the lit boxes often.

The game itself is extremely addictive, if somewhat frustrating at times.  Thankfully there is a reset button at the top of the screen which you can hit at any time to undo the mess you’ve created. The three game modes are varied , each with their own pace and challenges.  So if you want a quick fix, you can tackle the lightning round and try to beat your own or your friends best time, or if you have hours to burn then jump onto the free play mode and kick back.  The sound effects are fine for the game and not annoying which is a plus, and the same can be said about the graphics, plan but effective.

+ 3 game modes, with 3 difficulty settings for each.

+ Social sharing options

+ Leaderboards

+ Contests with real world prizes (an iPad was the prize at the time of this review)

+ Helpful tutorial.

There are not too many negatives for this game. The major problem experienced when reviewing was that the game crashed back to the iPod Touch home screen each time the scores menu was selected.  The fix for this was to quickly hit one of the sub menu buttons as soon as you saw them.  It was a minor annoyance and may be unique to this reviewers iPod Touch.

Mark’s Final Say: Rubik’s Slide is a very good version of the classic Rubik’s Cube puzzle that you can carry around with you in your pocket.  Having the social options to post your latest and greatest score to Twitter or your Facebook wall is a welcome addition but please don’t overuse it and annoy your non-gaming friends.  It has all the elements of a game that can fill a few minutes and also it has that winning formula of ‘just one more go’.  In the end this comes highly recommended.

Final Rating: BUY

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