Jigsaw Mansion Review (iPad)

Game Review: Jigsaw Mansion
Release: Dec. 9th
Developer: Extend Interactive
MSRP: $2.99
Rating: 4+
Version: 1.2
Size: 30.7 MB

Everyone has put together a jigsaw puzzle. As a kid it helped you learn shapes and problem solving. When you get older it’s a relaxing way to pass the time. Jigsaw Mansion is a jigsaw puzzle app that smoothly translates that activity to the iPad.
Jigsaw Mansion has plenty of different jigsaw puzzles to put together. You select a puzzle from one of the three rooms in the mansion. Once selected you will be given all of your pieces in a row along the bottom of the screen as well as a reference picture of what your puzzle will look like once completed. You can rotate the puzzle pieces using two fingers and even make pieces bigger to help you find their place. There’s no score and no time limit. The game only keeps track of how long you have worked on a puzzle and your percentage of completion on the puzzle.

The screen is very organized and clutter free. You can scroll through all your pieces on the bottom of the screen. Once you find pieces you want to work with you can drag them up to the work area. You can even move the unused jigsaw pieces and the reference picture off screen if they are in your way. The game wants to remove anything that would take away from you solving the puzzle.

– Free updates with new puzzles
– Auto save
– Beautiful artwork
– Multi-touch controls
– Relaxing, fun music

The one complaint I have with Jigsaw Mansion is that it helps too much. The multi-touch controls are very good but obviously not as good as holding a real puzzle piece in your hand. To make up for this, jigsaw mansion will understand when you are trying to put two pieces together and will automatically rotate your piece and put them together. Unfortunately sometimes it goes too far. I have put a piece on the board and had it snap into place without me knowing I was even close. I have even tried to put the wrong side of a piece into the puzzle and had the game completely rotate the piece and put it into place. It’s extremely easy to cheat the system. I’m sure for some players this is welcome but I want to put the puzzle together myself.

Jigsaw Mansion is a great game. I was surprised by how well it was put together. There are so many iOS games that are badly made and rushed onto iTunes. Jigsaw Mansion has had a lot of love put into it. From the presentation to the smooth controls, every bit of Jigsaw Mansion has been polished. A free update was just released with new Christmas themed puzzles which makes me like the game even more.


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