Know What Rock Band DLC To Buy: Billy Joel

It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

Guitar: The guitar offers two notes with a break then two of the same notes throughout most of it, but the song does still have parts where it changes up, sometimes with a streak of notes and others with a simultaneous two note hit. For the most part the song is the same thing and very simple. If you like listening to the song then you will have a fun time playing this because you will not be too distracted by the notes to not be able to enjoy the song.

Bass: The bass is pretty typical, you are holding a lot of long notes, there isn’t much variation or challenge, the bass is essentially a lesser version of guitar.

Drums: The drums will test your bass pedal skills. You may have a hard time keeping up with some of the bass pedal hits; they are very constant and sometimes quick. The bass pedal can also distract you from what you are doing with the drums. This personally makes the song a little bit harder than where Rock Band has ranked it.

Pro Keys: The keys are challenging for anyone struggling with playing three or more notes at a time. Every note seems to be a combination of several keys, and each note change is far off from the last making it a challenge to switch.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

Guitar: The guitar is pretty much the same few notes repeated, there are some scales here and there, they don’t necessarily give you a challenge though, and they just give it more enjoyment because you feel like you are doing something more complicated. There aren’t really too many surprises on the note chart. It isn’t boring but it isn’t exciting.

Bass: The bass is the same note repeated at the same speed for at least 8 seconds and then you switch to the next note at the same pace. There are some points where you are hitting notes a different speeds but for the most part the entire song is the same, which results in some very boring gameplay.

Drums: The song starts out with a somewhat challenging drum solo and then goes into a regular red and yellow rhythm with some bass pedal. The bass pedal changes by becoming more constant every so often and then going back to less constant, but besides that it doesn’t change much. Somehow though even with little change in drums the song is very fun to play and enjoyable.

Pro Keys: The keys are somewhat easy. For the most part the main chorus just has the same notes repeated so they are easy to learn and are only at most two notes at the same time. There is a hard part where the position of the keyboard does change but it isn’t long enough that you will easily fail because of it. The keys are fun to play but at the same time repetitive.

Overall: Both songs are great, and they are about average while playing them for pretty much every instrument, nothing really stands out about these songs except for the music itself. Both songs in my opinion are great. If you are trying to decide which song to get I would probably recommend you listen to the song and just go by that because you should have a descent time with either of these songs.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Love to get this whole dlc pack, but we are waiting until we can snag a keyboard. Sort of pointless to play Billy Joel without keys. heh.

    Thanks for the article! 🙂