Stir: Holiday Wishes

As we come into the final stretch for Christmas, we are inundated with the annual movies on TV that all have one thing in common.  There is always someone wishing for something and in the end, through means that are practical, mystical or absolutely impossible, the wish is granted in some fashion.  There, now no one has to watch the Hallmark channel for the next week – I’ve just spoiled the ending of every Christmas movie ever made.

After what must have been a bad cup of eggnog, I started to imagine (read hallucinate) a Christmas movie for gamers.  It would follow the traditional holiday movie structure beginning with a gamer who has lost touch with the true meaning of Christmas.  Here’s the pitch.

Our protagonist – let’s call him Bob – would spend his days and nights online gaming with friends from around the world – constantly on the verge of losing his job.  Having dreamed of being a game designer, years of spare time have been put into a pet project – a game like no other, but when presented to industry executives, no one is interested in a new and innovative game when the same old thing keeps selling record numbers year after year.  Having skipped work to attend “a sure thing” meeting to sell the game, Bob is fired from his job at Ebenezer Enterprises a few days before Christmas.  Commiserating with his online gaming community, his tale of despair falls onto the ears of sl31gher_1, an avid gamer and toy company executive who resides at the North Pole.  Striking a last minute deal on Christmas Eve, sl31ger_1 sends three game designers to help Bob put the finishing polish on the game and finishing just in time to deliver the new game digitally all over the world for Christmas – making Bob’s dreams come true, reinvigorating his belief in miracles, and saving gamers around the world from certain holiday boredom.  Fade to black.

So rather than sending yet another bad Christmas movie out into the world, I decided to ask our writers the following question:

If you could wish just one new game into existence for Christmas this year – any game – what would it be?


Sarah Brannan | FFXPrincess | ProfileTwitter |

I would want a Robin Hood based game, a really good one. I’ve been a Robin Hood fan since I was really little, it would be fun to play a game with him in it. It would have to be more adult-oriented though, not like a Wii game for children.

Mitchel Broussard | a long way down |

An HD remake of one of my fondest childhood video game memories, Nintendo 64’s Beetle Racing Adventure. Put it on XBLA, or hell give me a reason to turn on my PS3 or Wii. Polish up the graphics, tweak the controls, add some online kart racing action, and my inner nine-year-old would undoubtedly pee himself in glee.

Brian Heitzenrater | FrehleyzComet | ProfileTwitter |

Ever since the first time I got my hands on a copy of LEGO Star Wars, I wanted 2 other franchises to become LEGO. Harry Potter was one of them and obviously, that wish came true. The other though still does not exist and I’m sure others would love to see it happen. I’m talking about LEGO Lord of the Rings! A LEGO game based on the LotR movies would be killer! If I could ever play that, I would die a happy man!

Stewart Loosemore | Stigweird85 |  ProfileTwitter |

I initially thought this would be an easy decision but when I started thinking and it struck me, one wish isn’t enough; there are so many potential contenders that need to see life or deserve a reboot. So many childhood memories that deserve a 2nd chance, so many games that got criminally overlooked when released.

I’m confident that the majority of people would mention Final Fantasy 7 as a deserving contender, personally I’d like to see Final Fantasy 8 or a sequel/spinoff for Rikku from Final Fantasy X / X-2 but does it merit my one and only wish? No

In the past I would have asked for a Back to the Future game as the previously released games where poor cash-ins at best, but TellTale games have come to the rescue for me on that already. The same goes for Ghostbusters which finally saw a decent game last year thanks to Terminal Reality. There are plenty of movies from the 80-90s that deserve a game, however most of which would result in a generic shooter which would probably result in a wasted licence, the exceptions that spring to mind would be Gremlins or Short Circuit.

From the world of books, an MMO set in Ankh Morpork (from Terry Pritchett’s Discworld series) has the potential to be huge. A game based on Red Dwarfs “Better than life” would be surreal but certainly enjoyable. The 5 part trilogy that is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is also ready to be adapted to any number of genres.

The world of comics has again massive potential a huge number of characters, a nearly infinite universe but an action RPG based around the Civil War series could be epic (I realise that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 covers this but only vaguely)

The scope was enormous, but what was deserving? What would make a good game? In the end I narrowed it down to 3 choices:

  1. Beyond Good and Evil either a reboot or a sequel (One is in development but may / may not see the shelves)
  2. A game set in the Mass Effect universe, where you could pick your race/job etc but not in an MMO
  3. Half Life 2 Episode 3 or Half Life 3 (someone had to mention it)

Mike Murphy | Chibi_Mike | Profile |

I’d love remakes or hd releases of Snatcher or Rolling Thunder- two of my all time favorites. Hell, even a DS release would be ok.

If I had to pick one- Snatcher. 🙂

Ross Wigg | LostPoetB24 | ProfileTwitter |

Would love a tower defense type game but with a bit of a diffrent twist to make it fun. What if you took Left 4 Dead mixed it with Plants Vs. Zombies all in 1st person. Add in some great guns with customizble options some ways to trap the zombies (force fields, fire, barb wire, land mines) ok you get the idea. Team up with up to 4 friends to take out waves of zombies. Yeah I know zombies are a little over used for a game enemy but it would make the game fun. Also add in some gruesome headshots or limbs flying off you would be all set.

Though a reboot of the Sniper Elite series would be very welcome.

Really any game type that is more about accuracy then it is about run-n-gun type gameplay.


Chris Forbis | MensaDad| ProfileTwitter |

When I think about games I wish existed – it is usually after watching a movie or TV show and saying to myself “That would make a great video game!”  Here is a list of movies and TV shows that, if done right, could make the basis for some great video games.

Burn Notice – Done open world like Fallout 3 or Red Dead Redemption – with one large plot that arcs across the entire game and lots of mini side quests helping out people.

Hellraiser – Come on.  Why hasn’t anyone even tried this one?  A survival horror movie franchise with a puzzle box at the heart of the story line… Am I the only one who thinks this is an obvious franchise ripe for a video game and a reboot.

JFK – A two sided game – play as President John F. Kennedy – making decisions in the final days leading up to his death or plan, coordinate and execute the assination attempt.  An added bonus mini game allows you to try and duplicate the three shots from the school book depository in just over six seconds.

Star Trek – Is it too much to ask to have just one decent console based Star Trek Game?  I’d probably want it to be “The Next Generation” and play out like a season of episodes.

But if I had to choose only one it would be a Zombie game – but not your typical shoot ’em in the head zombie game.  I want to play the game as patient zero.  The first zombie.  The goal – to infect as many others as possible and bring on the Apocalypse.  Global leader boards with scores based on the number infected.  Pick your targets, build your numbers, avoid the military, take over hospitals, destroy the lab that’s developing a cure, the strategy options are endless.

The rules for Stir are simple.

I pick a topic and ask the Platform Nation writers, editors and staff to send me their opinions.  Thanks go out to all the Platform Nation writers who contributed to Stir this week.  They are all part of the best writing team in the industry and I couldn’t do this without them.

Now, drop down into the comment box below and let us know what game YOU would wish into existance this holiday season.

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  • Wow, some great suggestions here.

    I have to admit my list just got longer, Robin Hood and Burn Notice would make great fodder for a game. Although the latter has already been made(sort of) with Alpha Protocl. It wasn’t perfect but it deserved to get recognised more than it did

  • my ultimate game would an jrpg yes the true one genre that is kool take all your fave rpgs series ff tales series etc make game that intertwin worlds heres catch the game gets diffrent story everytime u play it diffrent worlds bosses game evolves not based on your decisions but like kinect but it reads your mind fortells story based on your emotions how u feel that month making incredible replay value rpg game everytime u beat it play again it make whole new story character lineup id never have to buy nother one again

  • i want a first person shooter that combines abit of hack and slash. A Shooter/Hack n’ slash modern day game …no zombies or monsters, and with aiming down the scope. It might be better as a 3rd person shooter…

  • Joe

    There already has been a game where you play as the patient zero zombie. It was called Stubbs the Zombie and it was great. A game I would love to see is a coop (not mmo) Bethesda game like Oblivion or Fallout 3.

  • First person Wolverine game. ‘Nuff said.