Dungeon Defenders on the Android… Its Unreal!!

Dungeon Defenders has been tearing it up over on the iPhone for  a few days now.  It has recently been announced that there will be a Dungeon Defenders game coming to the Android OS.  This one will be entitled Dungeon Defenders: First Wave.  Why is this significant you ask?  The development team over at Trendy Entertainment are bringing the first Unreal Engine game to the Android store.   Described as an action RPG/ Tower Defense it sounds as though it will be a bit of a refreshing addition to the Android games line-up.

The original Dungeon Defenders went for $2.99 (US) on the iPhone so hopefully we can expect a similar price on this game. Now speaking of Android games… I am a recent adopter of an Android phone, the Samsung Captivate in particular, and I was wondering if any of you people out there in P*N land have any suggestions on some good games.  I already have Angry Birds and Zenonia, so any ideas please leave it in a comment.

Happy Holidays!!

Source Joystiq

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  • Dungeon Defenders has been out on the iphone for less than a week. “Sometime now” it has not.

    It is an absolutely amazing game though. The interface is a bit clunky on the phone (well, ipad in my case) but it’s so, so fun.

    • Brandon

      Its december 23 and I still don’t see it on android market. I’m using samsung epic (sprint version of galaxy s)

      • Matthew Elliott (Introvertron)

        I just downloaded the game this morning.

  • Matthew Elliott (Introvertron)

    Thank you for the correction, I have updated the post.

  • karbon

    Need for Speed Shift
    Hotel Mogul
    Fruit Ninja
    Mini Squadron

    I really enjoy each of these games for different reasons. They’re all good though.

  • guns and glory is an amazing twist on tthe tower genre and a must have imo.

  • I suggest checking out the EA sale that they are having in the app store right now, I picked up several of their titles for only 99 cents.

  • Peter

    Pocket Legends is a lot of fun! Great on the Galaxy Tab with the bigger screen.