Final Fantasy IV PSP Version Announced

A cutscene image from FFIV The After Years for WiiWare

The PlayStation Portable is getting another Final Fantasy game for RPG fans to play on the go. This is not just a simple port, it is much more than that. It is a compilation of Final Fantasy IV and the sequel to FF4 titled FF4 The After Years. So, now people can play FF4 and the sequel in a neat little package. The release of Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection is set for Spring 2011. I’ve actually never played a lot of RPG games. I’m not into all that grinding for levels and items. The only Final Fantasy games I played were Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions, and Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. I also have Final Fantasy Dissidia, and FFVII Advent Children. I do plan on getting the next Dissidia game. Although, the reason why is not due to me liking the Final Fantasy series but my love of fighting games. I guess you could say that I’m not that into the Final Fantasy series. Although, I’m positive that the fact Square Enix is releasing a FF4 compilation will make fans happy. I bet the fans that want to play The After Years but don’t have a Wii are quite ecstatic. More Final Fantasy games means some happy fans and more money for Square Enix. Although, if the quality of the game is poor then fans will no doubt become angry.

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  • stupid SquareEnix… just bring the VII please!!???