Gaming Confessions: Tomb Raider

This week’s confession is about the Tomb Raider franchise and no it isn’t about that infamous cheat code, or any other Lara obsession that is abundant on the Internet and no I won’t be including any pictures (if you really want to see them Google is your friend)

With news of a new Tomb Raider game emerging with details of a retelling of her origin, I began thinking of the series as a whole and I realised that I’ve missed out. I was never really interested in the Lara craze of the 1990s despite owning most Tomb Raider games since Chronicles, I never managed to sit down and actually complete all(if any) of them. Looking back it seems that only games that capture my interest garner enough attention for me to finish them and I seem to get frustrated very easily. Through stubbornness and determination I managed to complete Tomb Raider Legend and was actually excited about the series for the first time and I was looking forward to playing the first game albeit in a re-mastered form for the first time. Sadly my stubbornness only lasted so long and eventually I got stuck somewhere and gave up.

I was disappointed, but I blamed my frustrations on the idea that the game (at least from my viewpoint) was a prequel. The events of the first game obviously took part before the events of the seventh. I have mentioned this before but I really detest the ideas of prequels in general and it was this mental block that prevented me from enjoying the game as much as it deserved.

After the Anniversary issue my excitement and interest in the series diminished somewhat that is until Underworld was released. This time I was genuinely excited, not only was it a new game, but it was a direct continuation of a story that had kept me playing before. Surely I couldn’t go wrong here?

Apparently not, to this day I am still fighting my way through the game and I believe I still have a long way to go in order to complete the main story and after that I have two DLC packs to fight through as well. I plan to finish it eventually but irritatingly enough as there has been at it has been at least 6 months since I last played it I have forgotten most of the story and will have to start again from the beginning in order to understand the story. The upside is that I should at least be able to play through the levels a little bit faster since I have completed some of them at least once which should allow me enough time before Origins is released and the story starts over again.

I have mixed emotions on the news of Tomb Raider Origin. On one hand, I did/do like the franchise, but on the other I don’t like prequels. However, despite it being an origin story it is essentially a new timeline and therefore has no bearing on the events from the previous games and is actually a reboot. Perhaps the developers will take their lead from the Uncharted series and we will see a completely fresh take on the franchise (Hmm, apparently I’m Goro and have four hands for this argument) 

I’ll settle for quiet optimism there isn’t enough information to make a definite decision yet, for me the franchise doesn’t have enough steam to make it an instant buy, but there is potential for the game to be great with a fresh start the developers have a clean sheet; they can do anything, put Lara anywhere and although the excellent Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light isn’t technically part of the “Tomb Raider” brand it shows Crystal Dynamics are not frightened to take risks.

It’s time for you the reader to confess now, how many of you clicked on this link assuming that my confession would be about that code and the many wasted hours spent trying in vain to activate it? Or were you hoping for details about a patch that alters one particular aspect of the PC game? Perhaps you hoped for some examples of the many revealing pictures that have been made since the games origin. Be honest, there doesn’t that feel better?

Tomb Raider origins image from GameInformer

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