Intellivision Lives! Review (DS)

Game Review: Intellivision Lives!
Release: November 2, 2010
Genre: Collection/ Emulation
Developer: Virtual Play Games
Available Platforms: Nintendo DS
Players: 1 (2 Wi-Fi)
MSRP: $18.50 US
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Website: Virtual Play Games: Intellivision Lives!

As a child of the 80’s some of my favorite gaming moments happened on my dad’s Intellivision.  This amazing system was the direct competitor to the Atari and throughout the 80’s, it was a staple in many households.  So naturally my mother got one for my dad for Christmas one year.  There was only one problem though.  He said it would be a waste of time, (although truthfully he believed that he would get too addicted to video gaming) and would very rarely have the system hooked up.  It was even rarer for him to let me play it.  But when he did I remember having so much fun.  The games looked amazing and played extremely well.  As I grew up and video game technology grew up with me, the Intellivision got put aside for my Nintendo.  This process happened pretty consistently with my older systems getting replaced by a newer one.  The drawbacks of this situation was that I always wanted to go back and play those old games, but as it was in many other households, the older systems were often thrown out, given away, or sold.  Every time I wound up kicking myself for getting rid of it.  With Intellivision Lives!, released by Virtual Play Games, I am finally able to revisit my childhood.

Intellivision Lives! (DS) includes over 60 classic games including Tower of Doom, AstroSmash, D&D games, and many other greats.  It also includes a couple of unreleased games such as Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool & Billiard and Brickout. For a list of all the titles included in the game click here.  The game uses the touch screen to emulate the buttons of the original controller.  It also uses a similar overlay to cover the buttons with a visual outline  to show you what the buttons do, much like the original release of the game.  To ease the playability of many of the games, some of the functions are mapped to the face buttons of the DS.  The games are divided up into different types: Sports, Space, Battle & Simulation, and Gaming and Strategy all of which include multiple games.  If you are in the mood for multiplayer, some of the games also feature an Ad-Hoc multi-player mode (which I was unable to try).

One of my favorite games on the Intellivision was Frogger, so I was especially looking forward to playing it when I played this game.  I was disappointed that it was not there, which caused me to do some research on the matter.  What I found was that many of the games that were really popular, such as the Tron games, were not included because of licensing issues.  That being said the collection on Intellivision Lives! is nothing to shake a stick at.  Another of my favorite games on the system was Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball.  I remember it being so amazing.  Naturally that was the first game I played when I booted up my DS.  Once I got the hang of the game I began to remember how much I loved it.  My child hood came flooding back to me.  I began to vividly remember my parent’s living room in Newport, RI.  I would be sitting cross legged on the floor thinking video games were the greatest thing on earth.

Many of the other games on the list I wasn’t as familiar with, so the nostalgia factor wasn’t as big.  I was playing a lot of these games for the first time, most of which were simple and easy to pick up, and I got bored of them fairly quickly and would move onto another game.   And I think that this is the biggest issue with the game.  Once the nostalgia factor wears off there isn’t much to many of these games other than being a time waster. Video games have come so far I found it really difficult to get into these games.  Though it was neat to see where home video gaming first got its legs.

With a price around $20 it seems like a pretty good option for the content you are getting. With the inclusion of around 60, each game cost around 30 cents.   Then, if you think about how old the games are, and how much of the draw to this game is the nostalgia, I think the price tag is a bit steep.  I would definitely wait until the game hits the bargain bins and you can get it for a bit cheaper.

  • Little Replay Value
  • High Nostalgia Content
  • Games Run Well
  • The Graphics are what you would expect

Final Score 6 out of 10

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