Scarlett and the Spark of Life Review (iPod Touch)

Game Review: Scarlett and the Spark of Life: Episode 1
Release: 12/2/2010
Developer: Launching Pad Games
MSRP: $2.99
Rating: 9+
Version: 1.01
Size: 35.3mb
Website: Scarlett

Scarlett and the Spark of Life is an episodic adventure that follows a young princess on the run from her kidnappers. While finding a brief spot to hide she learns of a mechanical horse that could solve her problems of getting back to her sister Lavendar. Only problem Scarlett will face is she has limited resources and must find parts to build the horse throughout the town. She must rely on wit and skill to get the townsfolk bought into her master plan some will be easier to sway while others may take a little budge.

Scarlett and the Spark of Life gameplay is based around using objects to solve puzzles, such as using a fruit to lure away an angry beast, so you can get past, without being headbutted. The puzzles are logical and, unlike some adventure games of yore, you’ll never be left scratching your head for days wondering how to get past a certain point. Solving puzzles won’t take days but sometimes does take going back and forth before finally figuring out the solution.

Items that are essential to solving the puzzle are dispersed throughout the level. Each one when found is then held inside the inventory to be at the ready for later use. Essential items most times take an event to actually unlock to use. You may find yourself walking back and forth between places multiple times before finally finding how to acquire said item. Talking to town folk you need to keep your wits smart as most will also be able to match wits with words. Interact with the screen, items and people you may find at that time they are not essential to the story but there is always something funny to be said.

– Fun gameplay

-Funny moments and dialogue

-Game was too simple

-Needed some sort of music


One of my biggest gripes about the game was that it was way too short even thought it is broken into episodes. Right when the game got enjoyable it was cut short you feel left in the dark as to what is going to happen next. Game was very fun but did not offer much of a challenge puzzles were very basic and easy to solve. Game could have used more graphic design to it backgrounds were beautiful design overall could have used an overhaul.

Simplistic game play makes this a quick pick up any one looking for some episodic fun but was way too short. With a few fixes and a 2 dollar price tag more people would be apt to pick up the game I believe. Buy this knowing you have something too look forward to in the future which you can’t say about many games now. Hopefully Launching Pad games stays up on making these and finishes out the whole story.

Worth the money but would say a $1.99 price tag would make me want it more

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