From The Ground Up

Looking back at things as the year comes to an end, it’s clear one company more so than all others needs to reinvent itself: Activision.
At this point, Activision is remaining the 400-pound ape they are purely through Blizzard and the Call Of Duty property. The rhythm music games aren’t selling, and new IP’s like Singularity (which is a shame, because I loved Singularity) aren’t moving the numbers they need to be.
While they have more than enough of a cushion to rest their laurels on, how long can that last? And even if the future’s so bright, they gotta wear shades, wouldn’t the smart thing be to cover all their bases? That’s where reinvention comes in.
Despite the success of WoW, Starcraft 2, and Black Ops, now is not the time to play it safe. Much like EA did back in 2008, Activision could use 2011-12 as a chance to try new things and  bring in fresh faces. This could lead potential new mainstay titles. And while yes, Bungie is on the Horizon with whatever they’re cooking up, that’s still a ways away.
While I don’t have any huge amount of love for the company, I never like to see any company head down a slippery slope. Now may be the best time for experimentation, as staying the course may lead to Activision coming undone.

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