Raving Rabbids: Travel In Time Review (Wii)

Game Review: Raving Rabbids: Travel In Time
Release: November 21, 2010
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
Available Platforms: Wii
Players: 1 – 4
MSRP: $49.99 US
ESRB Rating: E – E10

The Rabbids are back and they have a time travelling wash machine this time. Join them as they explore a museum and jump back to important events in history – the Titanic sinking, the discovery of fire, the building of the pyramids, etc., you get the idea.  Ubisoft touts this as an adventure game, but there is no story here.  This is a collection of mini-games structured around a museum “hub world” – so don’t expect a plot line as in “Rabbids Go Home”.

As you make your way into the museum your “adventure” begins by selecting a bathroom stall as your save slot.  From there the game begins.  The museum is sectioned off with force fields making you finish certain mini-games before unlocking the rest.  Don’t worry – even though it appears like it will be a long progressive series of mini-games to unlock the next one in turn – that’s not how it works.  Playing through the first couple areas literally unlocks everything else in the museum.

Here is a breakdown of the areas in the museum and the mini-games located there.

Main Museum Area

  • Costume Hall – Change your Rabbid’s attire into costumes won by playing the mini-games.
  • Chorus Hall – A “singing” mini-game that feels more like Guitar Hero.
  • Dancing Hall – Put your dancing skills to the test – sorta.
  • Quiz Hall – Trivia questions about Rabbids, the game and history.
  • Trophy Hall – Game trophies, leader boards and photo album scattered into far too many areas.

Museum Second Level

  • Bouncearium – Side scrolling platforming mini-games.
  • Flyarium – Strap wings on your Rabbid and take to the skies.
  • Shootarium – Point and shoot mini-games.
  • Runarium – Three-legged foot race mini-games.
  • Hookarium – Fishing mini-games (Requires MotionPlus).
  • Bermudarium – Teleports your Rabbid to a random location.

For Rabbid fans, there is a lot here to do. The games in the Flyarium are particularly fun as you fly around moving your arms as if they had wings strapped to them.  Want to turn right – just lower your right arm and raise the left.  Up – raise both arms.  It’s very intuitive and flying around the planetarium setting is a good time.

While the mini games all play well, there’s really not much here to call new. Rather than being an adventure with an over-arcing story line – this is just a bunch of Rabbid mini-games set in a museum with a historical façade slapped on the front.  Example – one mini game takes place on the Titanic.  The object of this game is to run around the ship and collect beans.  The game and the location have no linkage at all – and this holds true for nearly every mini-game in the whole collection.

All of the mini-games count down and start with no directions, no set objective, nothing. 3 – 2 – 1 – GO figure it out.  The first play through of each mini-game will be used just to figure out what the objective is and what controls are to be used (because they change from game to game).  In some areas you can jump, in others you can shoot, in others you can do neither.

It would be nice to have some instructions before each mini-game and more of a story that ties all the time travel themes together.  Rabbid fans probably won’t care about this though.  If you can’t get enough of past Rabbid mini-games then this game is definitely for you – but make sure to play it with a friend or the “new” will ware off fairly quick.  If you’re considering this as your first Rabbids game, I would point you to one of the earlier titles first as they pull you into the Rabbid’s world far better.  Travel In Time is more of a follow-up that expects you know about Rabbids behaviors and motivations already.

While this is not a game I would buy for myself, my kids love it. What’s not to love about a screaming little “bunny” that likes to  do everything it’s told not to do.  Adult mini-game fans should probably pass this one by because at 50 bones, you will be disappointed.  Rent it first because you’re either going to love this game or hate it; not much middle ground here.

  • Tons of mini-games
  • Perfect for Rabbid fans who want more
  • Fun Flying Controls
  • No Adventure Story Line
  • Minimal Support of MotionPlus

Final Score: 6 out of 10

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