Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Is Out Now

Go ahead and fire up your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and put your copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in because you can finally download the Vietnam expansion. For you PC and Steam users, it’s been out for a few days now so you can check it out there as well. Here is some info about the expansion:

5 Multiplayer Maps.
Phu Bai Valley, Hill 137, Vantage Point, Cao Son Temple, and Operation Hastings. All game modes from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Conquest, Rush, Squad Deathmatch, and Squad Rush) are playable on all 5 maps.
15 Vietnam-era Weapons.
Everything is unlocked from the get go (this is also true for the launch version). One of our biggest new additions is the flame-thrower. We have also made sure to give the weapons a rusty and tarnished look and feel..
60’s Soundtrack.
2 hours of time-typical soundtrack on the radios in the American vehicles. Fly to the sound of Ride of the Valkyries, Fortunate Son, and more.
6 Vietnam War Vehicles.
Skim the treetops in the iconic American Huey helicopter. Drive the sturdy Russian T54 tank and the nimble US PBR “Pibber” patrol boat, plus three more vehicles immortalized in the Vietnam War.
New Voiceovers.
All-new voiceovers for both American and Vietnamese forces, based on authentic communication from the Vietnam War.
New Trophies/Achievements.
Collect 10 new achievements/trophies. Earn new weapon proficiency stars specific to your skills with the weapons in this expansion.

When I get some time off this weekend I’m going to be all over this on the PlayStation 3, if you want to game with someone, hit me up, you can find me under PSN ID Steve519.

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  • I am in Calgary Alberta Canada and I am trying to down load the Vietnam expansion and I am unable to do so. Is there some reason why?? Yes I do have the funds in the PS3 wallet and still can not download this expansion.

    • There is a good chance they haven’t updated the PSN store yet for you, just wait for the update to go live and it will be there for you to download.

  • That figures, my son already down loaded it on the 360!! lol Guess I will just have to play the dad card and jack him for his 360!!! Kool thanx duder.

  • Any idea when the “lazy” PSN will pull there long fingers out please guys? V

  • ….Uk

  • 7:40 EST, still nothing on the psn >:[

  • hmmm? Tah very much Reaperman, i`m clocking 00:50 wednesday 22nd December GMT UK, and i wanna fly a Huey immediately ….if not sooner! Please help me out PSN?!

  • yeah, 8:30 pm eastern time and still not on psn. wtf?

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    OMG! It’s taken over 3 hours to dl this and now I am way to tired to even play! >_<

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