DodoGo! Challenge Coming To North America

The sequel to DodoGo! the adventure game you may remember from just a few months ago has been announced and is making  it’s way to North America.  DodoGo! Challenge will be coming to the Nintendo DSi shop on December 27.  In DodoGo! Challenge their will be more then 100 entertaining adventure levels that is said to keep you entertained for hours on end.  Here is a little more about the game and stay tuned after the jump for a video from DodoGo! the original game.

Featuring nearly 100 captivating missions, players using their Nintendo DSi stylus to guide eggs back to their nest through a range of inhospitable environments whilst encountering predators, obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Players are armed with a toolbox and their own creativity as they manage the environment to lead the Dodo eggs to safety undamaged. Players progress through levels interacting with their environment to progress by digging, filling, sawing, scraping and cutting.

DodoGo! Challenge is rated E for Everyone in North America and will retail for 500 Nintendo DSi Points on the Nintendo DSi Shop when it is released.

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