What am I Pets HD Review (iPad)

Game Review: What Am I Pets HD
Release: 14th December 2010
Developer: Wonky Woo Games Limited
MSRP: £0.59/$0.99
Rating:  4+
Version: 1.1
Size: 12.1 MB

In the first of a planned trilogy of games, Wonky Woo sets a challenge for the preschoolers of the world by asking them to get the correct animal.

For your £0.59/$0.99 you get two different game modes. The first is the main aspect of the game. You are giving a clue such as “I have a long tail what am I?” from this you then need to swipe the head, body and feet and create the correct animal. Don’t worry if your child has trouble reading as each clue is read out at the start of each round.

The second game is a simple matching game, on the left hand side of the screen there is an animal and on the right hand side there are three more. You get one minute to drag the animal from the left to the matching one on the right. Every time you do this you get a single point and a new set of animals to match.

The key features:

  • Bright colours
  • Two different game modes
  • Multiple clues for each animal

The game has two very simple concepts but they could have been tweaked just a little more. When creating the animal you can get correct answers for just having the correct body parts on the screen but not necessarily connected to each other. It did provide me with a couple of laughs to see a decapitated bunny surrounded by fireworks but it does seem a little sloppy.

To change body parts you have to continually swipe the screen which was annoying for me and I can’t even imagine what a preschooler would think about constantly rubbing the screen. Two easy fixes would be to either make it one swipe across each body part to move it onto the next one or get rid of the swipe and add a left/right arrow key next to each body part and one push moves it to the next body part.

One last minor gripe, why offer a score in a game if there is not a scoreboard or even a record of  the highest score? Either of these additions would have made for a better experience as at a glance you could easily see when your child is improving rather that having to remember all of the previous scores yourself.

While I applaud developers trying to use technology to expand the minds of the youth of the world, I have to wonder what parent would allow their preschool child to play with an iPad? It is a noble ambition but there are plenty of books and electronic toys available that do the same as this app and while they won’t be as cheap as £0.59/$0.99 they will be a lot cheaper than the cost of repairing an iPad after your preschooler drops/scratches/draws on/throws/any other activity that a preschooler finds entertaining that will ultimately destroy anything nice that you have.

Stay away from(for the sake of your iPad)

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  • Woo

    As the developer, I appreciate your constructive feedback, however I find some of your comments a little harsh when they would equally apply to all pre-school apps. I don’t think anyone would leave their pre-schooler alone to play with their iPad. I think developers write apps like these so parents can play, entertain and hopefully educate whilst entering into dialogue with their child.

    To comment further on your constructive feedback and gripes (all valid points):

    1. Body parts not connected on screen and constant swiping. One of the minor objectives of the game was to teach fine motor skills by swiping to line up the body parts. However, after feedback from version 1.0, we decided to make the tolerance larger for the lined up parts. We did also consider a locking mechanism for the parts , but thought it defeated motor skills goal.

    2. The score. We went back and forth deciding if we should add a score or not to the game mode and if so,did we need a high score table. Our initial focus testing implied a score was a good thing, but a high score table was too complicated for pre-schoolers. Yes, I think we have missed a trick and should include one, but for the parents as you have pointed out.

    As a new company we are always looking for constructive feedback. Thank you for your review.