Best Of The Bad Bunch: 2010 Awards Part I

2010 has undoubtedly been a great a year for gaming with sequels galore and plenty of new IP from AAA and Indie studios alike. With this action packed release schedule came a whole horde of villains and dastardly evil doers. Last week I asked the P*N team and community to hand in their nominations for this years best villains and the vote has now been set, cast and drawn. Sit tight as I reveal the 2010 Best of The Bad.

Best Comic Villain:  NEMESIS (Marvel Icon Imprint Miniseries)

Nemesis was quite possibly the ultimate super-villain and the centre of attention in the Marvel Icon Imprint series of the same name.  Originally marketed by Creator Mark Millar with the line “What if Batman was the Joker” and features an Insane Matt Anderson, the white clad Nemesis, taking revenge on Officer Blake Morrow (the Commissioner Gordon of this series) who he blames for his lost childhood. Nothing gets in his way and Nemesis even goes as far as to kill 20,000 people in the pentagon only to be arrested, escape prison, blow it up and kidnap Morrow’s children.

Best Film Villain:  Jigsaw (Saw)

Of all the villains nominated for this years awards one stood tall, or at least lurking in the shadows whilst he uses his trademark puppet to transmit his gruesome messages. Jigsaw is a villain with a morality complex, what he does is not , in essence, a bad thing but the way he goes about it does not indicate a balanced mind in any society. His shining moment was in the first Saw film, spending the entire film apparently dead on the floor while the events between his 2 trapped and beaten subjects unfolded around him like clockwork only to walk out the room and lock the door behind him when time had run out. Most recently featured in Saw 3D Jigsaw’s gravelly voice is instantly recognisable and anyone you whisper those dreaded 6 words to will instantly think of him, for this reason Jigsaw has been awarded the best film villain 2010.

Best TV Villain: Shane (The Walking Dead)

I have to admit I was stumped with the nominees for this category but thanks toP*N’s own Bobby Gonzalez  providing such brilliant reasoning for his nomination I felt ii deserved to be seen here.

“Shane is a great villain because you want him to be good. He made a big mistake in assuming that his friend Rick was dead. He made an even bigger one by sleeping with Rick’s wife and trying to become a dad to Rick’s son. Those are mistakes, but they don’t make him a villain. What makes him a villain is how he has reacted to Ricks return. Shane loves Rick like a brother but wants his “family” back. He pointed a gun a Rick while they were out in the woods and who knows what would have happened if someone hadn’t seen him. He sexually assaulted Rick’s wife.  Hopefully Shane will be able to pull himself out of his downward spiral next season. (If not he might come to the same end he did in the comic books.)”

Best Game Villain:  Caesar (Fallout New Vegas)

Leader of Caesar’s Legion he spread war and death across the tribes of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Utah until the Legion was an unstoppable and brutal force until the first encounter with the NCR at Hoover Dam. The defeat here was bitter and a large blow to the Caesar’s plans, not being one to reward failure Caesar covered Joshua Graham (the leader of the attack) in pitch, set him alight and then threw him into the Grand Canyon. Caesar’s main goal is the capture of New Vegas and to subsequently turn it into his idealised new Rome where he will continue to for his empire and assimilate or destroy any who stand in his way. Caesar’s single minded goal of a united world is tainted by blood and warfare and ultimately will prove the Legions downfall. This self named Son of Mars wishes to cleanse the earth and is the undoubtedly one of the better Villains of this year.

Come back next week for the crowning of the ultimate 2010 Best of The Bad Bunch Villain of the year.

The Nominees are:

Dr Fetus – Super Meat Boy

Lex Luthor – Smallville

Abstergo Industries – Assassin’s Creed

Tom Reed – Splinter Cell Conviction

Sofia Lamb – BioShock

Cast your votes below and let you voice be heard.

That’s all for this week, have a good Christmas and I will see you soon.

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