Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”: Coal In The Stocking

We all know what we’re getting that gamer we love, be it a friend, spouse, significant other, or yourself for the holidays.  There’s list upon list out there of the top holiday games, accessories, systems and more.  What there ISN’T, and what we’re interested in this week, is what to get that gamer in your life that you just can’t stand:

What game, or gaming related item would you get the gamer on your list that you hate? What is your gaming equivalent of coal in the stocking?

The item should be something that’s attainable (so “A Meteor into their bedroom window” wouldn’t work), gaming related (see previously mentioned Meteor, and no, the spell from Final Fantasy in not an acceptable substitute), and most importantly, tell us WHY you think the gift you mention would be the perfect gift for the one you loathe.  It’d be nice if the responses were of something fairly recent, but it’s hard to deny how awful a Virtual Boy would be as a gift. responds: “ET, The Extra Terrestrial (2600) seems to be a popular choice for worse graphics of a video game.” – Hard to argue that logic.

A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Each week, you’ll be posed a question.   Give a response and let the world know what you think, there is no right or wrong answer here.  I will post my response on Friday. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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  • I would buy them a copy of Darksiders!

    The game is awesome at first than some of the bosses are impossible to beat and if you only have a miniscule amount of health left that it was you respawn with. This game is a pretty long game and I still can’t get past one point and I have tried everything from checking out walkthroughs to checking out YouTube for hints. So the only way to get past the point I am stuck at is to restart the game and I invested 10+ hours into the game and I refuse to restart it all over again. The game delivers highs than slams you down to the lows. So why give it to someone I don’t like? Well it is easy if you start off on any difficulty any higher than easy there is no turning back the story is great and than the disappointment comes by not finishing the game and wanting to know how the story ends.

  • Ross Phillips (Ross77)

    Coal in my stocking? Anything out of the bargain bin! They might mean well but Scooby Doo games are just garbage!

  • Deadly Premonition. Not because it’s a bad game (I actually enjoyed it), but because if I hate someone, I know they wouldn’t appreciate it. So they’d be stuck wondering why they’re playing Twin Peaks: The Game, what this guy’s obsession with coffee is, and why the controls are so godawful.