Splatterhouse: Lost Islands DLC Out Now

Splatterhouse is one of the most gory games I have ever played. Ripping enemies apart by the neck, throwing them into giant spikes and doing nothing but causing pain and suffering. I’m sure the story does justify this, if my true love got captured by an evil scientist I would be quite annoyed too.

Now you have an opportunity to once again gain control Rick Taylor in his mission to rip every monster to pieces using his bare hands in the Lost Islands DLC pack, which is out now. Not only do you get a completely new Lost Islands arena to fight enemies, but each wave, the enemies will get harder and harder. See how long you can last, because this game gets pretty brutal when you are surrounded by tens of enemies all trying to claw a bit of lunch off you.

The Lost Islands DLC Pack for Splatterhouse is now available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 for 160 Microsoft Points and on PlayStation Network for $1.99. Players must have the retail game in order to access the “Lost Islands” survival arena DLC content.

Enjoy and try not to get too bloody will you?

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