The Marvel Universe Will Bring You Fear

Prepare for the next big Marvel event. Save your duckets for main issues, side stories, and eventually the trade paperback! The great minds at Marvel are gonna give you writer extraordinaire Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man) and artist Stuart Immonen (Ultimate Spider-Man) and the event “Fear Itself.” The teaser below shows several different heroes, facing what we can assume, would be their worst fear. The mini-series starts off in April of next year and will run for seven issues, not including any side issues that will always bear the “Fear” title. An idea, to imagine a hero like Captain America loosing faith in his country, or Iron Man leaving the world of heroes with only an army in his super powered armor? Or Spider-Man loosing everything to Dorammamu . A great story is being woven from wonderful writing and wonderful art here dear reader. And as a fan, I wonder if this event will reach all ends of the Marvel world like Civil War? Do we need anymore big events like this? I mean we got hit hard back to back with Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, and then Siege (which was more or a less, an epilogue to Dark Reign). What do you see happening, who will our heroes be up against? And more importantly what kind of story do you think should be told through the pages that Fraction and Immonen bring us? ALSO, there is a thirty minute press conference for the event itself, featuring the writers and artist, and Joe Quesada fielding a few questions and letting us know about Marvel’s big summer event – “Fear Itself”

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