Two Worlds 2: Now On Mac

Two Worlds 2 is out very soon, and Mac owners can be happy knowing that this huge RPG can now be played on Macs by downloading a simple 87MB file from the developers.

Just as the first game was, the story of Two Worlds 2 is huge, beginning your story years after Two Worlds 1. You play as the same hero, who this time has been captured by the bad guy from TW1 (Gandahar). It’s ok though, as Orc Commandos are always on hand to get you out of prison to free you and begin your quest to destroy the villain who has horrific plans involving every single Orc being murdered.

Two Worlds 2 is meant to improve on everything in Two Worlds 1, and it certainly looks amazing.

“Two Worlds II is now accessible to Apple users through TopWare’s offering of an exclusive download and serial key to Royal and Premium Edition owners in Europe. The 87 MB download utilizes the core files from the PC version which must be in the disk drive during Mac installation. And for the fans who didn’t purchase the Royal Edition, the standard Mac version of “Two Worlds II” will be available throughout Europe on January 25th. But if you own a Mac and just can’t wait to get your hands on the Apple version, the Royal Edition download special will remain available on all future sales up to January 25th!

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  • I’m cautiously optimistic about this game. I will have to see some reviews before I bite and it will never top The Elder Scrolls, but if they have truly learned from the missteps with the first title, it just might be a worthy distraction until Skyrim hits.

  • Is this just a cideraized version of the PC version and has anybody actually played it on a mac yet? Cus if it plays crapy I would rather just get windows on my mac through bootcamp and play it nativity.