2010 – The Year I Discovered HD Gaming

2010 was the year I finally discovered the magnificence of full HD gaming and movie viewing.  I’ve had the Wii hooked up to the television via composite for a while – I believe the Wii instructions called this 480p.  It was a definite improvement over a Scart lead.  But on my TV (37 inch) it still looked blocky.  In fairness though the quality of World at War meant I barely noticed this.

Race Driver GRID

Race Driver GRID

I digress though.  I only have a select few games – Killzone 2, Race Driver GRID and GTA IV.  I was blown away by them all.  The attention to detail in them all was for me simply staggering.  I have also played the demo of Just Cause 2 which was staggeringly good looking.  Uncharted 2 was another demo I downloaded.  That took things to a whole new level.  And I thought they would be difficult to beat.

But the boys from Polyphony were able to do the unthinkable and surpass Naughty Dog’s efforts with Gran Turismo 5.  Even my better half who is normally quite dismissive of gaming in general was impressed enough at seeing GT5 running on a HUGE television in a local shopping centre to admit GT5 looked “really good”.  So in games terms all I can say is I can’t wait to see how good Uncharted 3 will look when it finally comes out.  If anyone can improve on Polyphony’s benchmark surely Naughty Dog must be near the top of the list.

But you can do more than play in a PS3.  Via the little HDMI cable I have been enjoying blu rays as well.  I only own Casino Royale and S.W.A.T. which is a small collection granted.  But Casino Royale is considered one of the better transfers on to Bluray.  I already owned the DVD and had watched it at least 15 times so I feel fairly qualified to be able to tell the difference between the two.  To say the Bluray blew me away is an understatement.  I remember thinking at the beginning of the film where we are first introduced to Le Chiffre that I could have counted all the individual grey hairs on his head – the picture was that good and that clear.

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

For me there will be no going back.  I do fire up the Wii for the kids and very odd punt on World at War but I wont be buying anymore games for myself for the Wii.  PS3 only from now on.  Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, SOCOM 4, Homefront are all games I’m looking forward to and I intend getting my hands on NFS Most Wanted over the Yuletide period too.

To think there are companies pushing the limits of what they can squeeze out of my little black box is awesome and I for one can’t wait to see the results!

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  • Ha ha, I can’t believe you went for so long playing standard def with such an awesome TV. Welcome to the age of HD my friend!

  • once you go HD there really is no way back. PC gamers felt this switch years ago 😛 Now that the console world has caught up we can all move on to the next level

  • Ross, I strongly urge you to check out the Cilian Murphy movie ‘Sunshine’ for a truly amazing Blu Ray experience. The shots of the sun were both blindly and pure pleasure to behold.

    Also, Planet Earth (of course), and if you have both boxsets (like me) Band of Brothers on DVD, then going to Blu Ray, is quite amazing as well. Gratz on the jump though, PC’s have owned the HD gaming market for years, it’s about time consoles started catching up.

  • Jim

    2005 says hello