Platform Nation’s Christmas Week Of Giving, Day 4

Hope you all enjoyed and entered in yesterday’s giveaway. Today we have a sweet bunch of giveaways today, all of them are for mobile games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and even the iPad.

Giveaway includes:
Dice Ball
History of the World
Flick Buddies

You know what? I want to keep on giving. Lets giveaway some PSN games that Monkey Paw Games donated to us, they include:
Sonic Wings Special
Money Idol Exchanger

All you have to do is tweet this “Free iPhone and PSN games up for grabs at @Platform_Nation” You do that and you are entered. We have a total of 15 codes up for grabs. If you only want to enter for the iPhone codes, just don’t include the PSN part in the tweet, same if you only want to enter to win the PSN codes, just don’t include the iPhone part. If you just use the selected link, you will be entered to win either.

Make sure to check us out again tomorrow as we have a HUGE prize up for grabs for one lucky community member.

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  • Awesome giveaway, I hope I get something.